Amy Jones All Set To Dazzle Music Enthusiasts Worldwide

Amy Jones, the sensational South African singer-songwriter, is all set to dazzle music
enthusiasts worldwide with her highly anticipated debut album, ‘My Forever Friend’.

Known for her string of chart-topping singles, Amy Jones is now ready to embark on a
remarkable musical journey that promises to redefine Afro sounds, dance, and pop. Amy
Jones’s meteoric rise in the music industry has been nothing short of spectacular.

From her humble beginnings and four attempts at South African singing competitions, she has evolved into an artist celebrated for her extraordinary talent. With the release of ‘My Forever Friend’ on October 20, 2023, Amy Jones is poised to take her place among the best in the industry.

Recorded at The Hit Lab Studio in Johannesburg, this debut album represents the
culmination of Amy’s musical evolution. “All these songs were written in different seasons of my life,” Amy reveals, and with heartfelt honesty, she continues, “Some come from
disappointment. Some come from growing through a painful situation. Some come from
pure thankfulness to God for allowing me to be able to share my gift.”

In a candid discussion about her experiences, Amy Jones shared, “The themes that are
present in this body of work stretch from heartache to pure joy, from falling in love to
getting married. The body of work resembles the seasons of my life.”

This album is more than just an emotional rollercoaster; it’s a collection of feel-good,
uplifting songs that the world so desperately needs. Amy Jones has taken her personal trials and triumphs and woven them into an infectious tapestry of music.

Even in songs dealing with disappointment, she’s managed to infuse an irresistible groove that will have listeners dancing their troubles away. As Amy puts it, “When you can write a breakup song and make it sound like one amazing sing-along song – you’ve nailed it!”

Leading the charge in this sonic journey is her captivating lead track, ‘Alone No More’, which channels the vibes of Alicia Keys and Black Coffee’s ‘In Common’. Featuring dynamic
basslines and unforgettable melodies that will echo in your thoughts for days on end, it
serves as the ultimate summer dance anthem, arriving just as December begins to loom on the horizon.

Continuing her musical journey, Amy’s debut album comes hot on the heels of her heartfelt ballad, ‘Close To Me’, which made its debut on September 1st. This song marked Amy’s triumphant return to the music scene after a short break dedicated to rejuvenating her creative spirit and honing her craft. The emotional resonance of ‘Close To Me’ has already struck a chord with audiences, accumulating over 40k views on YouTube alone.

Amy Jones has been a whirlwind of creativity in the studio, and among her many tracks, her personal favorite remains ‘Beautiful’. Describing the song’s significance, she shares, “I wrote it when I realized I was so busy chasing likes and followers that I forgot to simply just be.

“When I finished this song – I realized I am not defined by likes and followers but I’m defined by the Maker of Heaven. This truth changed everything for me.”

Amy Jones’s debut album, ‘My Forever Friend’, is not just a ray of light; it’s a beacon of
summer hits that promise to leave an unforgettable mark on the music landscape.

The album is scheduled to be available on all major music platforms on October 20, 2023. To celebrate the release, Amy will embark on a live tour in Johannesburg and Cape Town,
ensuring that her fans can experience the magic of her music first-hand.

Get ready for a scorching hot musical journey that transcends genres and touches the soul.

Amy Jones is about to make her mark in the world of music, and ‘My Forever Friend’ is the
masterpiece that will take her there.

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