Ambition & Confidence, The Perfect Parallel

We all have it in us. This undeniable drive to be more than what we currently are. Seeing as each individual’s reality varies, so too does our level of ambition. But whether you have a mild form of ambition or an over the top form of ambition – you have it. Ambition And Confidence, The Perfect Parallel

Our ambition is closely connected to our self-confidence, which is always in a state of change. Life and experiences have such a big impact on your self-confidence and we all know this… But are you giving your control away?

Ambition And Confidence, The Perfect Parallel

Be Confident & Ambitious

Are you willingly giving external factors the power to dictate how confident you may or may not be and then, in turn, dictate how ambitious you are or possibly could be? You and you alone have the power to decided your level of confidence and ambition.

Unfortunately, one sometimes loses sight of the balance between these parallels. In these moments one feels frustrated and lost. As if you have lost grip with who and what you thought you could be.

Ambition And Confidence, The Perfect Parallel

You see the thing with ambition is when mismanaged, that it takes your confidence and turns it into fear or uncertainty. Now you start missing prime moments. This has happened to me more times than I can tell.

And I wish I knew then what I know now. Setbacks or slow progress that cause these immense feelings of frustration are not an indication of a low skill set or inadequacy. Surely all these moments are also not opportunities, but these are prime moments for reflection.

Ambition And Confidence, The Perfect Parallel

A time to regroup and refocus your attention on what it is you want. Because sometimes all you need is some time to fine-tune your strategy on how you are going to achieve your goals.

Allow your ambition to guide you and your confidence to carry you there. When you use this dream team correctly, you can be unstoppable.

Written by Kelbi Nell –  BLOSS Brand Ambassador

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Trudi Stander

Web and Ambassador Editor

Trudi Stander, our Web Editor and head of our BLOSS Brand Ambassador program is a strong woman who faces life with no fear, fights for what she wants, and don’t care what people say about her. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience in the media industry. She believes that every moment we are alive is precious. Treat it as such and don’t waste a single second. Be brave, and don't be afraid to assert your power in the pursuit of your dreams. Set your goals, and accomplish them, but be kind to yourself. Make things happen without permission.

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