Amalfi Kus: `n Fees vir die oë

Die noue straatjies verklap geheime oor ou Rossellini films en Limencello resepte. Die gekleurde sambrele staan beskermend oor besoekers wat kom son soek langs die aanloklike waters. Die berge huisves geboue in reenboë kleure, koepels en groenigheid wat vertel van romeinse aristrokrate geskiedenis en Greta Garbo wat by die Villa Cimbrone kom saligheid soek. Ja, die Amalfi Kus is net so bekend vir sy gesofistikeerde glans soos die sterre wat al daar kom rolspeel het.

Positano mag dalk die mees geliefde dorpie aan die Kus wees. Die eens vissers dorpie spog deesdae met `n verskeidenheid gallerye, koffiehuise en duur boutiques, en is welbekend vir die produksie van egte leer skoene. Fotograwe Amanda Wiggil en Gosia Dulz van Estilo het onlangs daar uitgespan en deel hul ervaring met ons:


Getting to Positano involves a downward-spiralling road along winding, rocky cliffs. Something the local Italians do nonchalantly – whizzing around on small scooters one-handed, headphones on, their dogs/girlfriends/groceries loosely hanging on in passenger seats or just wherever there is a smidgen of space.

It is nerve-wrecking even for a seasoned Jozi driver to watch.

And then. The view.

If your breath hadn’t been caught in your throat by the Italianos on their Vespas then this should surely do it.

A canvas of pastel-coloured buildings dotted against the hills…the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian lapping gently at the bottom of the steep cliffs. 

Coming into town, it is pulsing with cafe life, beautiful people and the scent of limoncello wafting off the restaurant tables.

It is as glamorous as it gets… and maybe one of the chicest spots we found is Chez Black- the ambience and food is beach perfection to even the most jaded travel junkie. The melanzane parmigiana is love at first bite. The tubetti with totani is a symphony of pasta and seafood. And (BONUS) – the really cute waiters are all dressed as sailors ladies!

Our days were lazily spent exploring the winding streets of the town, lying on the beach and drinking in the famous striped umbrellas and beach towels (not to mention Aperol after Aperol).

Daily gelato is, of course, a must, and if you are worried about your waste line, fear not – walking anywhere in town involves climbing hundreds of stairs every day, so be prepared with some good walking shoes or sneakers.

They myth is that the town of Positano was founded by Poseidon as a gift to a nymph. Italy is full of these almost too-good-to-be-true romantic tales and notions…but, just like the gelato, we lap it up eagerly and there is always place for more. Viva la dolce vita!

**If you are planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast, Positano and Amalfi are obvious. However, we would also suggest a day trip to the enchanting town of Ravello (far off the beaten track), a stop for lunch at Da Emilia in Sorrento and some shopping in the famous Capri!

More Amalfi coast and​ Rome reading available on www.amandacusto.com and www.estilo.co.za



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