All About The Wedding Trends

We bring you the latest wedding ideas from decorations to dresses! We’ve found the biggest trends to help you pick a theme and choose a venue, cake, flowers, favours and invitations to fit any budget ∼ All About The Wedding Trends

All About The Wedding Trends

1. Venues

Due to Covid 19, mid week weddings are more popular. This is beneficial as it helps venues to get more bookings during the year, it also supports service providers with more wedding opportunities and it usually saves the couple money when hosting a venue during the week.

Smaller and more intimate weddings are also a trend at the moment. Couples tend to go for a more personalized/intimate wedding and choosing a venue that matches their emotional atmosphere.

From alternative spaces like boats, their own backyard or even a theme park, spaces that matches the couples personality and what makes them who they are.

Destination weddings are also on a pause this year as couples tend to go for venues closer to home to make it easier for guests to join the wedding and to adhere to the district’s Covid regulations.

Outdoor weddings are also really popular as it allows more guests due to Covid 19 regulations and it matches the airy natural look and feel which is trending at the moment.

Pod style seating is also a real thing at some intimate weddings.

All About The Wedding Trends

2. Seating charts

Seating charts are back. Couples tend to bring back allocated seating due to guests wanting certainty on where they will be sitting. It also makes food service much easier due to all the different  dietary requirements.

All About The Wedding Trends

3. Buffet style is out

Buffet styles are fading away as couples tend for plated meals or food trucks. Buffet style catering is unsafe due to touching of the same utensils and guests crowding at the buffet table.

By doing plated meals they can tend to more dietary requirements, it is safer due to Covid, the food can be plated in an elegant manner and couples can be more creative with their menu options.

All About The Wedding Trends

4. Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are still a thing, but couples tend to spend much less on the exterior of the cake. Guests won’t be served with large slices of cake anymore, couples asks the chefs to cut the cake in small canape style pieces and each guests will be serves their own small piece of cake. Some couples create small individual wedding cakes for each guest to enjoy.

All About The Wedding Trends

5. Live streaming

Due to small weddings being a trend due to all the Covid regulations and travel being banned in certain countries, couples live stream their wedding for all loved ones to experience their special day even from afar. Drones are also included more recently to capture the true essence of the wedding day. It also a wonderful way to have these stunning moments for years to come.

All About The Wedding Trends

6. Groom attire

The usual black and white suit is a thing of the past. Groom’s tend to go for coloured suits in 2021. From burgundy, olive green and even plum in winter, to pastel colours in summer. The Groom’s are here to also make a statement at our 2021 weddings.

All About The Wedding Trends

7. Stationary

Couples are aware of all the environmental changes and are very cautious of their footprint. Digital invitations, save the dates and wedding programs are trending at the moment. Some couples even use nature to replace their stationary needs.

All About The Wedding Trends

8. Wedding dresses

Wedding gowns that can be worn in more than one way or even can be changed after the ceremony are such a trend right now! Brides want to make more than one statement with their wedding dresses or be comfortable for the reception after the grand reveal.

11. Entertainment

Due to dancing not being allowed during Covid times, couples tend to spend more money on entertainment. Almost like a performance/concert style wedding to keep guests entertained during the reception. The entertainment also tend to match the couples tradition at the atmosphere they would  like to create at their wedding.

All About The Wedding Trends

12. Personalized gifts

As weddings are more intimate, couples create personalized gift for guests to feel special and welcomed at their wedding. This will be a gift guests will definitely remember and will use in future.

13. Wedding registry

Couples usually don’t have any use for traditional wedding gifts like kitchen equipment or furniture as most couples already live together or have their own set taste for their home. Couples are more willing to ask guests to contribute to they honeymoon fund.

All About The Wedding Trends

14. Florals

White and green florals are something that has faded out quite a lot. Couples tend to go for of a rich, luxurious and colourful colour scheme like burnt orange, burgundy, purple or even baby blue. Dried florals are also a trend at the moment as couples can reuse these items in their homes.

All About The Wedding Trends

15. All about the rings

Radiant cut stones are a huge trend at the moment. Oval cut stone is one of the most popular cuts in 2021. Couples also tend to order more warm- toned metals like rose gold or gold for their wedding bands rather than silver or white gold.

Covid had a huge impact on the Wedding industry, but in some ways it has made wedding couples think outside box, focus on what is really important for them at their wedding. made them be creative and helped service providers with more job opportunities during the week.

Some exciting things are happening with our wedding industry….

Amere Prinsloo

Wedding Editor

Floristry, weddings and family are the 21-year-old Ameré Prinsloo's key to her happiness. Originally from the Free State, she is now an Events Management graduate from The Aleit Academy. With many experiences in every aspect of the industry, she has bigger dreams for her future. She describes herself as creative, loving and the one who does not miss a braai opportunity.

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