All aboard the MSC Musica – Zander De Beer

What a Weekend  – MSC Musica Cruise Experience!

Now where do I start, or let me rather say how can I start this blog. Maybe the beginning will be the best way to introduce you to the amazing experience I had on the MSC Musica Cruise over the weekend. 

It all started on Friday 15 February 2019 at a vary early time in the morning 03:00 AM ( This is particularly early for an artist, we need our beauty sleep ). A overwhelmed Zander woke up on the hour and started to instantly panic, do have everything packed for this first time experience? I checked my passport 15 times and pondered if I had enough underwear ( The struggle can be real ).

I then journeyed with ever building excitement and a mix of anxiety towards my friend Kelly’s house in Centurion Pretoria, she as always was prepared beyond believe and we set off towards the airport in what we would call a “gentle yet fun commute”. 

On arrival we got to check in with the amazing team form and we made our way to that metal bird that sucks and blows at the same time making it airborne, and having at least three passengers fear for their lives ( Nervous flyers, really! ) knowing that we are perfectly safe with team we had an hour nap and landed safely in Durban South Africa.

Now trying to be cool with our one hour flight, we decided we have “jet lag” and made our way to the vary friendly MSC banners. This is where it really starts to get interesting. So, first we had to check in our luggage and make sure we are truly for real listed on the guest list. Lucky for us we have friends in high places and Mr Dewald booked us into what they call “Easy Onboard” ( I would totally recommend you do this if you ever go on a MSC Cruise ) So the lady then clipped our suitcases and we went towards our transfer bus from the airport to the harbour.

Now like all South Africans know, traffic follows you like a stench and as per usual when you are in a hurry we got stuck in the ever slow metal lanes… This of course had us waiting for at least one hour on the bus, but that wait was worth it and aircon included…

As we crept closer and over the hill, there she was, the beautiful MSC Musica in all her glory ( Now we call a ship a “Her” because the captain is usually a guy, sexist much… ). The Musica was ready to swallow us up like pearls and so she did. Ever so quickly thanks to our “Easy Onboard” passes we stepped onto the ship and immediately fell in love with her amazing surroundings, style and comfort.

Now the one thing I particularly enjoyed onboard was that the crew and everything in association was determined that we eat all day every day 24hours with extras and more. The food was to die for and the crew, well did’t disappoint. Everyone was friendly and all in good spirit, well done!

I took us about 2 hours after we boarded to finally set sail (People took their time to get onboard), this meant we had to get our sea legs out… This was not as easy for everyone onboard, lets just say finding a terrorised human tummy onboard wasn’t difficult, but after a while you don’t even realise you are on the open Indian Ocean.

Arriving in our rooms we all decided we had to go to the upper deck and experience this lady in all her glory, and wow what a party this was! From food to drinks and amazing people! The vibe was ecstatic and the lady was in full swing towards the Portuguese Islands in Mozambique!

Finally arriving the next day with astonishing speed and a really interesting nights sleep ( Ocean motion ) we where allowed to go to the island and well lets just say, what happens there stays there. Yet again we where served with food and drink and friendly faces, and the locals trying to steal your money with well, stuff you can buy in Pretoria North if you feel like traveling beyond the wall…

MSC made sure we had the best time in the most comfortable conditions and so they accomplished to please the super noob Zander De Beer. Now as an actor and entertainment editor this was amazing. The fact that They could continuously entertain us, from theatre to the casino to live acts and amazing events, I would totally recommend this cruise to all our BLOSS friends! This truly was one of the best moments of my year 2019 so far and well who knows, maybe this won’t be the last.

After all the party and chilling on the beach we traveled back to the Musica and the ship set its path back to Durban. We arrived in style, basically feeling like we transported out of nowhere back to the harbour and sadly had to disembark, but obviously we took advantage of the appearing masses of food like out of a Harry Potter scene and had our tummies filled with breakfast as we said good bye to the Lady in white, the amazing MSC Musica.

With that being said: I would love to thank the entire team of MSC international for the gerat experience and the team onboar
d the Musica, well done on making this actor feel safe, entertained, humbled, astounded and constantly relaxed!

All abord MSC!

Zander de Beer
Zander de Beer

Entertainment Editor

Zander de Beer is a dynamic young actor, singer and content creator who has been prominent in the entertainment industry since 2010. He is known for his roles and appearances on platforms like MNET, SABC, Vuzu, Mzanzi and KykNet. Zander is an active YouTube vlogger and his involvement in music videos and short films are broadening his environment and achievements to an intentional accreditation level.

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