Aitsa! Music Awards: First Of Its Kind!

The brand new Afrikaans music awards, called the Aitsa Afrikaanse Musiektoekennings, took place last week Wednesday, the 16th October 2019 here in Pretoria at the Moreleta Auditorium. Definitely the start of something GREAT and MEMORABLE. This awards event was originally created to identify quality artists, writers and producers. The Aitsa’s awarded its very first winners on the night with a one of a kind trophy, which was specially designed by the amazing artist, Francois Visser.  

The event, started by the radio station, Pretoria FM, is also based on transparency and credibility. Pretoria FM’s CEO, Hennie Koortzen, said during the night that it’s also important that no institution or individual could act prescriptively as to who could enter or be part of the music awards event. 

Hennie also stated that, “Afrikaans is the language in which we think, the language with which we can express our thoughts in the most beautiful way possible. The sound of Afrikaans always falls softly on the ear and with the right notes it provides more than entertainment, it soothes the mood, lets a tear roll over the cheek and sometimes puts that much-needed hop in your step! Afrikaans music will always be part of our lives and our humanity and, therefore, Pretoria FM offers the Aitsa Music Awards to give recognition to everyone who entertains Afrikaans South Africans in this way with quality music!”

The spectacular night was attended by 4576 people and thought to be the most people to ever have attended an African music awards event. The night was attended by, and awarded some of the country’s best Afrikaans artists in the industry, like Ricus Nel, Snotkop, Nádine, Demi Lee Moore, Monique Steyn, Elandré, Liezel Pieters, Elvis Blue, and Steve Hofmeyr to name a few.

On the night, some of the biggest record labels in the country supported the celebrity event by attending; even the people who sold Select Music to Sony Music SA supported this prestige event. 

The organizers of the event thanked each and everyone throughout the night who attended for supporting and loving Afrikaans music. I personally think that the way Afrikaans speaker showed up in numbers makes it clear that the language is still loved and Afrikaans music is still supported for the right reasons. 

Magdie Raads & Christo Golden

The production was pulled together by the one and only, Rex van Deventer from EE Factory and his team, and it was excellent work indeed. A world-class production! The Pretoria FM team also contributed to a very successful night. If you take a look at the word ‘Aitsa’ it’s an expression of informal praise that is often used by Afrikaans speakers to praise or appreciate someone for something they did. 

Pieter Koen (MC)

Looking at the Aitsa Trophy, it’s a portrayal of two sound waves. “The one sound wave represents the pulse of music, while the contrasting pulse honours the artists’ outstanding achievements in the various categories in Afrikaans music. A sound wave or pulse travels through air at about 340 meters per second. Its magnitude decreases as the sound wave moves further away from the resonating object. In the case of the trophy, the imagined flag poles echo from a bellows or ‘oncertina-like object. This object is depicted by the three points of the upper level of the hexagonal base of the trophy. The three points merge again into one point. The three points are a reference to Pretoria FM that gave rise to the motto of the music awards: Hope, believe and live in Afrikaans.”

“The bronze moulded trophy is mounted on a cylindrical Matumi wood base. Matumi wood is currently a protected tree species in South Africa and may only be harvested and processed when the tree falls naturally. The wooden base thus symbolizes the Afrikaans language which must also be nurtured and protected. The Aitsa Trophy exemplifies Afrikaans, its rightful place, its invaluable value and its future in the music industry.”

The winners for each category are as follows:

Afrikaans music in a TV-program/season

Jo Black – Kom ons gaan groot (Die Groot Ontbyt)

Jo Black

Music Video of the Year

Elandré – Vuur op die water


Producer of the Year

Danny Smoke

Danny Smoke

Humorous album of the year

Flooze – Die Bliengmasjien

Sorina Die Flooze

Boere or traditional music album of the year

Die Ventertjies – Vanaand dans ons weer

Die Ventertjies

Instrumental album of the year

Rocco de Villiers – Kortbroek, Langkouse

Alternative/Rock album of the year

Spoegwolf – Koma


Contemporary album of the year

Jo Black – Voel jy die Genade

Hip Hop album of the year

Early B – Aangename Kennis

Pop album of the year

Demi Lee Moore – Mis Eet Slaap Herhaal

Most popular song of the year

Steve, Bok, Jay, Bobby en Ruhan – Die Land

Songwriter of the year

Elandré & Neil Schoombee

Newcomer of the year


Artist of the year


Album of the year

Demi Lee Moore – Mis Eet Slaap Herhaal

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Christo Golden
Christo Golden

Entertainment Editor

Christo Golden is a young driven presenter, master of ceremonies & brand ambassador who has been in the entertainment industry since 2017. At just 20 years old, Christo pursues his dreams and has been seen at various festivals and functions as MC. He is also working on his own TV show on Via DSTV Channel 147. He believes that nothing is impossible with his heavenly Father by his side, together with his talents.

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