Afro Spiritual Self Care And Your Health Regime

Mmabatho Magopa was living an ordinary life five years ago until she realised there was more to herself than she had been aware of. She tells us more about her spiritual gifts and how she uses Afro Spiritual self care to help herself and others.

Image: Mmabatho Magopa

My Special Calling for Spiritual Wellness

My realisation that I have what is known as a calling started formally about 5 years ago, but I now understand I was born this way. To formally describe my gift; I am an ancestral intuitive empath. The ancestral side of my gift is that which identifies people’s different ancestors, identifies who they are and what messages they bring forth. It’s these ancestors that live in our DNA, in our heart and mind that then give me information about a person during a reading. The intuitive empathetic side of my calling feels deeply what the person is feeling, I feel it through my gut, I know in that instance that particular feeling or idea is not from me and instinctively I get drawn to physical sensations and thoughts that I know belong to the other person. Sometimes in a reading, it’s like someone is whispering information about the person in my ear, sometimes it’s a song that suddenly comes to mind and 85% of the time itis related to the person I’m reading, either about their situation or it’s a loved one’s favourite song, in this case it’s my intuition and the ancestors giving me the message.

Afro Spirituality is Making a Comeback

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I have noticed a shift back to African spiritual wellness and I believe it is because people are tired of being told who they should be, the need to connect to a more personal God or higher power is a global phenomenon. Africans have forgotten their ways and the way they lived and believed before colonisation, apartheid, slavery and globalisation. These are some of the factors that made us forget ourselves and adopt belief systems that were brought to us by conquerors and missionaries who didn’t think much of us as a people and were not interested in finding out who we were and what we believed in, and possibly learn something from us too. The effect was so strong that it’s still working like a charm today. The missionaries made Africans so fearful of the God in the sky they forgot that their ancestors believed that the Gods were part of them and not outside of them, and I believe this migration back to our roots is our ancestors’ cry for their truth to be told.

Overcoming Myths about Afro Spiritual Self  Care

The irony about the misconceptions around my gift and what I do is that black Africans are more fearful of Africaness than non Africans. The misconception is that we practice witchcraft and call on dark forces. What I know for certain is that ancestral healing is most definitely a craft and like most crafts those that don’t possess them tend to bash them. Being an African in Africa and having Africans question why I practice African ancestral practices is bizarre to me. I’m not religious but I read to understand how others interpret their spiritual experiences. In the new testament in Matthew chapter 1 they list the ancestors of Jesus, if it wasn’t important to acknowledge our ancestors why does that reference matter? Surely it wasn’t so that people would call on Abraham, Moses and Jacob but not their own ancestors? Why is the God of David more important than the God of Magopa and the God of Kgalegi? I believe in the God of my ancestors, the God of the universe, the God that doesn’t have favourites and has unconditional love for all life.

Using my Gifts to Serve

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In terms of how I use my gift to help people, I’m more of what you would describe as a parapsychologist, my purpose is to help people help themselves. To help coach them to their light and help them find peace and God inside of themselves. I’m a listener and an emotional empath so I feel what they don’t always admit they feel or think about themselves. I interpret the signs and symbols their soul guides/ancestors show me about their path in this life.

A Spiritual Approach to Managing Stress

Psychosomatic conditions are a result of our negative states of being which literally cause physical ailments. Stress is not something we see with our physical eyes, it’s a state of constant worry which starts in the mind and can potentially become real and thus be diagnosed by a medical doctor as a physical condition. The mind is that powerful, that which it believes it brings to life. I have found that the art of being present here in the now is a stress reliever, playing back the past or obsessing about the future is the mother of all stressful situations. The only thing we have the power to control is how we feel and react to situations now. Choosing to respond consciously from a point of love not fear right now can lead to a stress free life.

A Healer’s Guide to Spiritual Self Care

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Depression, anxiety, fear, hate, anger or any negativity that disturbs your peace and takes you out of alignment is a sign that you’re not living in full wellness. These are the triggers
that can go on to manifest as physical illness or cause you to make poor health and dietary decisions.

Daily Spiritual Self Care

The spiritual wellness self care rules and regimens Mmabatho lives by are to:

  • Meditate regularly; have communication with a power higher than your physical self, whatever you believe in, make time to be quiet, still and reflect on that daily. The mental
    benefits of this lead to a more relaxed body which enhances overall feelings of health and wellness.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Walk barefoot when you can to connect to
    nature and recharge.
  • Cry often and laugh just as often to allow
    yourself to feel your emotions, the good and
    the not so good.
  • Have alone time where you are by yourself
    with your thoughts.
  • Love! To be loving and caring to ourselves, and by extension to the world around us, other
    people, animals etc. has a calming effect on the soul and body. Love is a high frequency
    vibration, when we love ourselves or others we automatically increase our vibrational frequency hence the saying ‘high spirits’, love is that feel good vibe we need to produce often to recharge the mind and body.

Superfoods for Spiritual Self Care


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Our body’s cells are super intelligent and each cell carries a piece of our consciousness. While our bodies are experts at self cleaning, the amount of artificial and unhealthy food we put into it can make it hard for the body to keep up with clearing of toxins, this toxic buildup and break down in systems designed to fight intruders is what causes us to be sick and unhealthy. Here are three foods you can add to your diet to not only enhance your physical health but to create a lightness of being that helps you feel more spiritually empowered.

Dark, Leafy Greens

These include spinach, morogo, kale, bok choy and beet greens (the red stems and green leaves attached to beetroot). Leafy greens have a high vibration because of the energy they soak up directly from the sun in their production of chlorophyll. They are also excellent at reducing inflammation, which has been shown to be the root cause of most diseases including depression. Eat them raw by adding them into salads, wraps or smoothies, for the best effect. They are also nutritious cooked.


You’ve probably seen the rising visibility of Kombucha in mainstream stores like Woolies or from artisanal home brewers. The reason this is a great superfood is that it is alive literally. Kombucha which is a fermented drink is crawling with probiotic flora which when it enters our gut system, lightens and brightens us internally as it matches our own gut bacteria and thus brings balance to the system. There has been scientific links between probiotics and depression so drinking probiotic-rich kombucha could help promote positive mental health. Maisha is a proudly South African home brewed Kombucha tea. Call 081 732 5833 to order for delivery in the Gauteng area. Nationwide deliveries via courier require a minimum order of 6 bottles.

High Frequency Berries

Did you know foods can be measured in megahertz? Raw fruit and vegetables have the highest frequencies in the world and as Einstein once said; “everything is energy,” so the superfoods that are berries (strawberries, goji berries, gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries) are no exception.

Written by Ntokozo Maseko

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