Advantages of Yoga and Pilates

There is so much beauty in combining mediation and workouts. Yoga and Pilates are not quite the same but both focus on breathing, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility, and both are carried out on a mat. They require your mental focus and your ability to stay in the present without any type of distractions.

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Here are some advantages of yoga and Pilates

Makes You Happier

Studies have shown that doing yoga and Pilates improves overall disposition. When you go through depression or you’re feeling sad, practice yoga or Pilates to increase your serotonin levels which provide the happy feeling you get.

Regulates Sugar in the Body

Both of these exercise types inspire people to become more conscious of how their bodies work. It can boost your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol. Getting your blood sugar down can significantly decrease risks such as heart attack, kidney failure, and even blindness!

Releases Tension and Improves Balance

Yoga makes you feel closely what your body is experiencing. Those who have started out with bad posture have found great relief after attending a few yoga and Pilates classes. Posture has a direct correlation to pain above the knees and especially back problems. With a great sense of balance, you can become more and more connected to your body. You’ll start to notice where tension is held in your body when you start releasing it.

Provides the Strength You Need Without Turning Muscular

Yoga and Pilates athletes are known for their very toned bodies in the wellness industry. The movement involved in yoga and Pilates usually includes stretching the muscles, which is essential when you want a toned body. It is gentle and safe for anyone who wants to achieve a fit and healthy body and will target all the right muscles for that summer body you’ve always wanted.

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Gives You a Better Understanding of Your Body’s Limits

There is absolutely no competition in yoga or Pilates. It is more about getting a better understanding of your body’s limitations and understanding and knowing what your limits are. The element of pain is minimizes through low-impact repetitions and movements. The more you emerge yourself into the practice, the more you become aware of your pain threshold.

Try them both and find out what is your perfect fit to live a healthier, happier life.

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Rina Jacobs
Rina Jacobs

BLOSS Youth Fitness Editor

Rina Jacobs is a Business Psychology and Behavioural Sciences student at the University of Potchefstroom (NWU Pukke) and also enjoys being active on social media platforms. Her love for sport and fitness began at a very young age and self-discipline is what keeps her on her feet. She believes that happiness comes from within and a positive mindset is the key to success. Interesting fact about Rina: She enjoys playing Fifa soccer on Playstation in her free time.

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