Adult Acne: 37 and Pimply, What is Going On?

I woke up this morning with this thing growing out of my chin.  If it was a little more centred, I would resemble a little rhinoceros. Not one of those cute ones, but one that looks like it is recovering from a massive night out.  One that is hating the world ever so slightly.

Problem is, when I see these eruptions in the mirror, I am literally like a monkey.  I start scratching and picking, to the extent that no amount of concealer can hide it from the world. I am 37 years old, what is causing my adult acne? Is this not something I should have left behind in my teenage years!?

After all of this, my hubby pipes up with his 5 cents worth.  ‘If you removed your make-up last night when we got home this would never have happened.’

This little bit of uninvited info, got me thinking, what causes these life-ruining spots? Except of course for the hormones, that according to men, makes us women crazy?

Problem 1: Your Cellphone

Have you ever thought about how often you use your phone? You touch it all day, then it touches your face every time you take a call and germs are transferred, often causing a breakout. We recommend having a pouch of antibacterial wipes in your bag at all times. Give your phone a good wipe every day and you are good to go!

Problem 2: Sugar

Did you know that the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, or the little extra block of chocolate can wreak havoc on your skin’s oil production? That’s right, the more sugar in your diet, the more oil your skin produces, and the more your pores get blocked.  The end result, Mount Vesuvius appears on your face.  We recommend sticking to a healthy diet, one filled with green veggies, and fruit for that sweet tooth.  Up your water intake, as this will flush the added sugar you may take in.  Really craving a chocolate? Stick to dark chocolate, my personal favourite Lindt Sea Salt.

Problem 3: Make-Up

We have all been there.  A night out on the town, painting it all shades of red, and hitting the pillow without giving our faces a second thought.  The following morning, your pillowcase resembles a war-zone, and your face resembles something close to Kung-Fu Panda, just not as cute.  Removing your make-up after every day is extremely important, not only for your skin, but also your linen. We recommend cleansing with a make-up remover and then with a face wash, double wash if necessary.

Now, with all this information in mind, I decided to approach this bump a little differently.  Let’s not squeeze the living daylights out it, but let’s treat the ever-growing horn with some tender love and care.  Lucky for me it is Sunday, and I can face the world makeup free, or I can veg on the couch with some popcorn watching Netflix.

My skincare ritual starts with Lamelle Luminesce face wash (I use this specific one to get rid of my pigment).  Once clean, I apply the charcoal mask from Glamglow, I add an extra thick layer, in case another eruption is in the pipeline.  I leave the mask on for 20 minutes, although depending on how engrossed I become with my show, it may be longer.  When I eventually wash this off, I finish my ritual with Lamelle Dermaheal cream.  This is anti-ageing and seen as I’m closer to 40 than I want to admit, I need all the help I can get.

Hopefully, this info will save you lots of tears and sorrow! What are your acne fighting tips, let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

Adele Koolen
Adele Koolen

Health Editor

Adele Koolen studied BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy at Wits, practiced as a Physio for 15 years, and became one of the most sought-after Physios in the world sport arena. However, a hand injury in 2017 forced Adele to pursue alternative business ventures, resulting in her becoming a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She is currently a Social Media Manager for a design company in Johannesburg, the founder of the #IAmEnoughZA campaign and the reigning Mrs SA Charity.

  1. Ahhh what an interesting read!I couldn’t agree more it’s like really we suppose to be long over the pimple stages and then one day you wake up and there it is !!!! Thanks for the tips and advice !! Looking forward to more 😘

  2. Hahaha ha… Love the humor 😂 very informative indeed! Can’t wait for your next one

    I agree with you on the water intake and lots of greens on one’s diet. Good nutrition is the best way to keep your skin in a good condition.

  3. Thank you for the tips… this is my worse nightmare. I know my weakness is SUGAR 😞 and I see a lot of improvement when I stop taking sugar.
    What also help me is keeping regular so I take probiotics or include a lot of fibre in my diet. I cheat the sugar intake by taking Acne Aid tablets from Skin Renewal 🤣, a girl has got to have chocolate sometimes.
    Great article!

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