Actively Active Wear

The gyms are back open, and the game is on. We all crave that feel-good, fit, confident feeling. For months we have been locked inside our homes, with restrictions on exercising outdoors. Whether you continued exercising at home during the lockdown, or ate your family out of the house like me, there is no better motivation than new activewear. These pieces will for sure encourage you to just START – Actively Active Wear

Actively Active Wear

The Countless Benefits

It is no secret that exercise is the best medicine, for your body, mind, and soul. There are countless benefits in staying active, and reasons concerning your health on why it is important, especially during this time. To name a few, exercising not only helps to maintain your weight but also reduce serious health risks like heart diseases, cancer, and blood sugar levels. The improvement in your mental health and mood can also help you quit bad habits like sugar, smoking, or too much alcohol consumption. You become sharper through excess protein chemicals released in your bloodstream to increase the function of your brain. You will feel how you start to evolve growing stronger and eventually becoming the best version of yourself. Who doesn’t want that?

Yes, I know it’s not easy. You start off great and slowly but surely you reach a plateau, a standstill in your progress. It is at this time that you can not quit. No, work even harder, have more willpower, and what better motivation than new stylish activewear.

Auburn Athletic

Actively Active Wear

The first outfit we recommend to lift up your spirits is a locally designed brand, Auburn Athletic. Hestia Bekker, the owner of Auburn Athletic created a proudly South African luxury sport and leisure brand. They specialize in what the South African target market needs, and bring us products beyond anything you can find instore. The designs of their clothes and comfort along with quality are impeccable. Auburn Athletic has definitely taken the lockdown comfortable loungewear to a whole new activity level.

MiBella Collection

Actively Active Wear

The second but most important product you can not forget is your facemask. Breathing while training is already difficult, but now the struggle is even worse with a mask. Anita Strydom the owner of the MiBella Collection, created the perfect solution to this problem. We call them buffs. It is one of the few activewear masks available with a built-in filter that you can easily be slipped on or off during a water break. The buff ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, affordability, style, and most importantly comfort. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a designer mask, whilst supporting locally produced.

Cotton On

Actively Active Wear

Last but not least we have a fan favourite, Cotton On. You can assemble your whole outfit in the store, from gym wear, hoodies, sneakers, equipment and even matching earphones. You might think this assemble will cost you a pretty penny, but Cotton on has a massive online sale currently, specifically on all their activewear. You will find almost every colour imaginable and can create cute matching outfits with your gym partner.

Now there are no more excuses. Treat yourself with a new style in activewear, and I promise you your body will reward it. Get up and get active, there is no better time than NOW.

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Tana Van Heerden
Tana Van Heerden

Fashion Editor

Tana is a goal-driven and energetic young woman who is always seeking for new adventures in work and life. She is currently a 3 rd year student studying Consumer Science, clothing and retail management at the University of Pretoria. Tana introduced the fashion and makeup section at UP newspaper, PDBY, and that is where she developed a passion for articles. She is the social media manager for MUSE, therethrough she saw an opportunity to start her online store, ROPAS_SA. In her free time, she does makeup tutorials on Instagram, follow and write about the latest fashion trends and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with family and friends. Tana believes that you should always empower and inspire the people around you, and what better way than through beauty, seen from the inside as well as outside.

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