Accessory Guide for the Modern Minimalist Bride

Dress by St Lorient

Minimalism should be the word on every bride’s lips when planning the ultimate day of sophistication and love. Nothing should take away from the love being celebrated on the day, but rather, every detail should enhance the celebration and contribute to its memorability. Minimalist bride

How you style your wedding dress (aka one of the most important dresses you’ll ever wear) is key. Simple accents are all you need to accentuate the dress and your radiant bridal beauty (this applies to every day too, ladies).


Photographer | Anthony Horak

Styling | Lisa Robertson & JK Khoza

Model | Vinishia Ras

Makeup Artist | Duane Naude from SD&Co

Venue | DaVinci Hotel, Sandton

There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind when choosing accessories for your wedding look. For example, the style of your dress (neckline & silhouette), your colour palette, the season, and so much more.

This is the minimalist bride’s guide to accessories on her big day.

This beautiful v-neck, mermaid dress with embroidery detail is from St Lorient and it is the perfect dress for the minimalist bride that likes a touch of understated (but captivating) detail. It doesn’t need much added at all, as you can see, and too much will just distract onlookers from what’s important.


Earrings are the perfect accessory to accentuate your facial structure, eye colour, makeup, the dress and your decoleté. (5 birds with one stone? What more do you need?) 

Light pink tassel earrings, Naledi @ Woolworths | Cerise pink tassel earrings, Superbalist | Black & white earrings, Woolworths | Hoop earrings, all Cotton On

However, it is crucial that you keep your dress’s neckline (see illustration below for reference) in mind when choosing earrings. If you are going with a high neck or Queen Anne neckline, I would not recommend dangling earrings of any kind. Then rather go for small sophisticated studs, which looks good with just about anything.

If you are wearing your hair down, you can very easily get away with studs or no earrings at all (but earrings do just lend that certain air of polishedness to any look).



If you are planning on wearing large/statement earrings, rather forgo the necklace. The whole point of minimalism is to only go with what is essential and you’ll have to make difficult choices if you want to be truly minimalist.

If you do decide to make the necklace your focus point, stick to small understated earrings that match your necklace, or nothing at all.

Again, neckline and necklace decisions are to be taken very seriously. Go for a necklace with more or less the same shape as your dress’s neckline so that it accentuates the dress and not take away from it.


A dainty bracelet never hurt nobody’s wrist. And simple gold bangles will forever remain chic. Don’t overdo the bracelets and bangles, they can only get in the way and steal your wedding ring’s spotlight.


Let’s face it. No one looks at a bride’s shoes on the day (they look at her glowing face, cliché but true), but it sure is nice to have beautiful wedding photos with beautiful shoes in them.

Shoes from Superbalist & Woolworths

Whatever you do, don’t buy uncomfortable shoes. It’s not worth the photo. The trick is to wear shoes that you don’t have to take off once during the evening, not even for dancing (the dance floor is dirty, ew). Therefore, stilettos are out. Go for a low heel, and preferably a block heel for optimum comfort and stability. A thicker heel is also very modern and à la mode right now. Minimalist bride

Most importantly – keep your accessory colours uniform! If you are wearing gold, stick to it throughout, and if you are bringing in colour, keep it minimal and just enough to make a statement.

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