BLOSS is a magazine and media platform FOR EVERY MODERN AFRIKAANS WOMAN between the ages of 20 – 35 years, embracing topical and relevant issues affecting young women of today.

It is in these 15 years of any woman’s life that the MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS are made regarding career, marriage and children which consequently impact various decisions like selecting your first home, buying a vehicle, breast-feeding, investments, fashion, style, beauty products and trends for a new phase of her life.

Magdie Raats, Founder of BELLA Magazine and now, this all new international magazine and media platform – BLOSS, has realized that there is no cohesive magazine or other media platform that speaks directly to, or guides the young Afrikaans woman through this important stage of her life, essentially no one to invest in or help her with these life changing decisions. It is so important that these women learn from an early stage in their lives to be strong, make the right decisions and be inspired to dream and work hard. For the first time, she has to start juggling life as a wife, a mother as well as finding herself climbing the corporate ladder.

BLOSS isn’t just another magazine and media platform, but YOUR BEST FRIEND. She is a confidante who speaks frankly, accompanies you in times of joy and in times of tears. She is vibrant and funky, talks about sex and loves beautiful things, but also keeps the nostalgia of good values and family close to her heart. She is bold and beautiful! She is a trendsetter. She is ALREADY A SUCCESS IN HER OWN RIGHT, but above all, proud to be a MOTHER, WIFE, SISTER AND FRIEND. She strives to inspire you to be the best you can be, to dream, to hold on, stand up and keep on going when you need it the most.

Magdie has a passion for media, business and young women. To see them stand up and succeed in life.

BLOSS Magazine is on shelves at most Major Retail Stores including Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar, Food Lovers, etc. Their distribution is 15000 copies per issue with 11 issues per annum.