A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone

From oily skin to dry skin – there are definitely infinite options for you with regards to a full and healthy skincare routine.

The trick to finding the perfect products, unfortunately, requires some research and then finally trial and error. In my first skincare blog, I quickly mentioned the need to-haves in your routine – in this blog I will be discussing step 1-3 in more detail.

A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone
A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone

Face Wash/Cleanser

Your skin is the largest organ that you have and it comes into contact with almost everything from bacteria and dirt to pollution and viruses. Washing your face in the evenings allows you to clean off all these impurities that have attached themselves to your skin. By removing these impurities through washing your skin regularly your skin will look healthy and fresh.

Although washing your face is a necessity for a healthy skin care routine, one should not become overzealous and wash your face too much. Twice a day is more than enough. What is also important is to ensure that the product that you are using is in line with your skin type and your skin sensitivity. The wrong products could cause quite a few issues, such as breakouts, dry skin and redness/irritation.

A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone

There are some amazing local face wash/cleanser products that you can incorporate in your routine. Some of these products are:

  1. SKOON WHITEWASH Purifying Face Cleanser – R199.95
  2. The Skin Creamery Oil Milk Cleanser – R413.00
  3. Kalahari Cleansing Gel – R260


Your toner will help remove the excess dirt that has been caught in your pores. Your toner, therefore, offers a deeper clean and will essentially offer more benefits for your skin, such as a fresher and tighter appearance (Yay, for all of us who are looking at a few glimpses of ageing).

A Skincare Routine to Suit EveryoneAffordable local toners available:

  1. Simply Bee Witch Hazel & Rose Facial Vegan Toner – R39.00
  2. Africology Tonic Anti-Reactive – R395.00


Face serums are lighter forms of moisturisers that contain higher concentrates of active ingredients. These ingredients target specific concerns that you might have. These active ingredients are usually – vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolic Acid.

Serums come in a variety of consistencies and are great for layering. Should you decide to just make use of a serum you can do so, but paired with the correct moisturiser you could create wonders for your skin. If you are using both a serum and moisturiser, please note that the serum needs to be applied first.

Serums tend to be more expensive than the cleansers and toners, however, they elevate your routine completely.

A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone

Local serums to consider adding to your skincare routine:

  1. SKOON WOW-WOW Wonder Hydrating Serum – R499.95
  2. Esse Plus, Probiotic serum – R1250.00
  3. Hey Gorgeous Phyto Peptide Serum – R495.00

Remember to enjoy your skin routine, other than being a great investment for your skin it allows for quality YOU time. Enjoy your daily pampering!

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A Skincare Routine to Suit Everyone

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