A Royal Affair In Mzansi

Who doesn’t love South Africa? We’ve got the perfect weather, great food and lekker people. It’s no wonder the Royal family love visiting our beautiful country, and this visit is no different!

The Royal Tour

Prince Harry and his wife, former Suits actress, now HRH Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, are currently visiting the country on their royal tour with their four-month-old baby boy, Archie. They arrived in Cape Town last week and will be in SA for 10 days as part of the tour.

The Agenda

Kicking off the trip, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex visited the District Six Museum as well as a workshop in Cape Town where children are informed about their rights, and where they are taught different techniques for self-defence. In the days that followed, the royal couple undertook various engagements and on day three of the royal tour, the couple met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife. During the widely publicized meeting, photographers managed to snap adorable photos of baby Archie, and boy, are we swooning!

Harper’s Bazaar

Harry then travelled solo to Botswana while Meghan and baby Archie stayed in South Africa, fulfilling more royal duties. After his trip to Botswana, where Harry spent time with some of the local school kids planting trees among other things, he left for Angola and thereafter he will be travelling to Malawi and then he will be heading back to SA to join the lovely Meghan in JHB.

Town and Country Magazine

In Solidarity

One of the moments that really stood out on the royal tour thus far, was Meghan’s visit to the place where Uyinene Mrwetyana was brutally raped and murdered. During the visit, Meghan left a yellow ribbon as a tribute to Uyinene and a signal of unity. Meghan is clearly making her own distinctive mark in the royal family but we can’t deny that she reminds us of Princess Diana with her deep-rooted sincerity and undeniable selflessness.

Daily Mail

In the final days of the Royal tour, Prince Harry and Meghan will meet with Grace Machel who is the widow of former President Nelson Mandela, whereafter they will be heading back to England. Keeping up with the Royals is no easy task, but if you’re like us and you’ve got #Royalfever, take our quiz and find out which Royal you are!

1. When choosing an outfit for a night on the town, you opt for:

A. A colourful blouse with matching pants of course!

B. A simplistic, body-hugging skirt and a tucked-in top.

C. A little black dress.

D. You can never go wrong with a pantsuit!

2. Your favourite hobby is:

A. You love spending time with your pets.

B. You are a tennis lover & love to watch the highlights with all of your gal pals.

C. Definitely doing something creative- like colouring! (The adult books, of course).

D. A night out is where you’ll find me partying with my besties.

3. Your personality type is more:

A. Quiet and reserved.

B. Calm but also engaging.

C. A people’s person but definitely a bit introverted.

D. Happy-go-lucky.

4. Your dream job is:

A. A manager of a company – I would prefer to delegate as much as possible.

B. Public Relations Officer – I have excellent communication skills.

C. An Event Planner – I love being in control and organizing things.

D. A Sales Representative – I love working with people.

Mostly A’s
The Queen herself – You are a bit reserved and in your own “bubble” but around the right people you start showing more of your true self. You are a born leader who is great at maintaining relationships and making new friends.

UK Daily Mail

Mostly B’s
You are the gorgeous Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle – You are stylish sophisticated and people love being in your presence.

Us Weekly

Mostly C’s
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton – You are warm and inviting and know how to make people feel at ease.

HuffPost Canada

Mostly D’s
Prince Harry – You are fun and flirty, but also kind-spirited and funny!

Good Housekeeping

Let us know which royal you are in the comments below!

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Anzéll van der Merwe
Anzéll van der Merwe

BLOSS Youth Celebrity Editor

Anzéll Van Der Merwe is a third year Bcom Business Management student at the University of Pretoria and she works part-time as a Medical Administrator. She lived in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania for five years but is currently residing in Pretoria, South Africa. Her favourite hobby is reading because she loves the feeling of becoming a part of someone else's story. Her goal in life is to be the best version of herself every day, meaning that she aims to be happy with the outcome of things because she knows that she did her best. Her favourite quote is: "Life is not about who you once were. It's about who you have become and who you have the potential to be."

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