8 Management Tools for Relationship Red Flags

Ever heard them say where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

Relationships, friendships, and clicks from all spheres of life are so awesome. We always feel comfortable when we fit in and are surrounded by people we believe are for us. We often enjoy it so much that when certain alerts present themselves as warnings, we either play blind or dumb just so we won’t be alone. We’d rather keep bad connections. Red flags are not for decoration, they mostly precede costly occurrences or serious repercussions. They’re easy to avoid but better off managed.

1. Remain alert

When it comes to people, it’s essential to watch your back! When life happens, people make decisions and sometimes not so much in your advantage. As they say: Love them all but trust no one!

2. Evidence is key

As much as we have to watch our backs, remember there’s a thin line between that and paranoia that can destroy beautiful relationships. Unpack your suspicions, be open about your fears on time.

3. Don’t ignore signals

Big problems are born from small ones that are not attended to. The minute you start getting those red flags, know that’s a thorough alert that attention is needed. Surrendering to the belief that it’ll go away on its own or be sorted later can bring about danger.

4. Flush or Flee

The danger within relationships today is we’re pressurized to trade with dishonesty. When we call things out we’re either a nag, snitch, or perfect petty. Open communication is essential. Ensure that you’re building healthy connections, or be bold enough to call it quits.

5. Leverage on your worth

Believe that you’re worth being in working ties. Pursue your happiness and celebrate that you’re like no one else.

6. Assertiveness

Know that these signals will appeal to your true self; self-trust is key! Always remember that it’s about you too and there’ll always be something demanded from you. Your truth… Your call!

7. Guard Your Heart

Leave room for fresh beginnings and refuse to be offendable. Allowing people to become enemies to you will only delay you, probably even turn you into a problem. Decide, forgive, move on!

8. Secure Your Parameters

After any experience, the best thing we can do is become wiser! Classify your acquaintances and friends very carefully and know the difference. Take full control of who plays a role in your life! Takers come to take and have no idea when to stop.

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Portia Radebe
Portia Radebe

Real Life Editor

Portia Radebe is an inspirational Image Consultant and Life Coach, an entrepreneur qualified as an Event Planner and she has expertise in protocol etiquette. She is a creative, hardworking and passionate woman, with a conviction of excellence in her area of expertise. Portia is the former face of Nestle Pure Life, Torga Optical, Absa South Africa Johnson&Johnson, as well as a Mrs SA 2017 Top 10 Finalist. She pioneers various initiatives of her own including charity work, assisting youth with building self-esteem and girls self-pride. She’s a wife, Pastor and a mother of four girls.

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