7de Laan Actress Welcomes Baby Girl!

Reandi Grey plays Esti in 7de Laan, a single mom with a dark past. Recently on the show, we saw her struggling with her weight when in reality she had a bun in the oven.

Photo: Because Life Photo, instagram.com/becauselifephoto. Dress by Wiesiebrands, facebook.com/wiesiebrands/.

They welcomed their little baby girl on the 22nd of May. As a new mom, she shared some of her favourite brands and must-have items with BLOSS.

When asked about her pregnancy, she says:

“If this is what pregnancy and having a baby is like, I will gladly have another 10, I had the best pregnancy experience, but having these products on hand really made it so much easier.”

  1. LOVE MY SKIN specializes in beauty, cosmetic and self-care products. Some of her favourites include Aches Away with lemon, geranium and marjoram, to help with swollen feet and hands. Bye-bye morning sickness with Nausea be gone, a miracle worker with ginger, grapefruit and spearmint, and Storylines which helped her walk away with zero stretchmarks after the pregnancy. 
  2. MAMA NOO NURSING WEAR focuses on style and functionality for all their unique excellent quality clothes. Because Reandi loves an active lifestyle, she loved the Lifestyle Nursing Bra which is perfect for exercising, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. GOOD EATS provides her with healthy nutritious snacks which are perfect while breastfeeding. It is affordable and a perfect on the go snack for a new mom.
  4. SMITTEN BABY BOUTIQUE is her go-to for mom and baby. She loves the reusable breast pads which are made from 100% cotton. They are washable and also affordable.

We look forward to seeing her back on the screens soon and wish her all the luck with little Heidi. Enjoy #thegreylife.

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Denise van der Merwe
Denise van der Merwe

Kids Editor

Denise van der Merwe is the mommy of the cutest little baby, Arabella. She owns 2 businesses, a shoe accessory business, @mbellishsa, and a bakery that specialises in macaroons and petits fours, @nicolesmacaroons. She has a Diploma in Event and Wedding planning, and She is passionate about babies, kids, pregnant women, shoes and all that is beautiful in life. She is excited about this journey with the BLOSS mommies and kids.

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