7 Tips to ROCK Mom-days in no time

As mothers we hardly have any time for ourselves because we’re always busy with everything else, for everyone else. You deserve to look and feel like the strong woman that you are, ‘cause let’s face it, juggling motherhood amongst all the other lemons in life,  is surely not for the faint hearted. That is exactly why I want to share a few products that have the minimum input and the maximum output to help you ROCK motherhood. You’re probably on a tight schedule so there is no time to lose, mama! This is how I show some self-love with these time saving tips and products:

Cover Photo: Simply Capture Photos. Photo above: Zanje Faure.



I wear this product every single day so that I can smooch and cuddle my babies without a smudge! It’s available in 16 shades and it comes with a colour booster balm that keeps your lips from cracking and drying out. Sometimes I literally just apply this in the mornings when I do my makeup and most of it lasts the whole day, although I would suggest a top-up after a munch or so. 

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I firmly believe that a woman should enhance her natural features. I’ve tried Microblading once and I was amazed by the end result but unfortunately I never made time for a touch-up and eventually everything faded away. I thought I’d try this brow serum to see if I can get my brows to grow back to its full potential after the 2000’s thin-brow-trend-epidemic. Yes, it takes a while but if you’re a mama on a time and or money budget like me, then you can just apply the serum in the evenings after your shower! Thanks to this approach, I’m rocking my own brows at the moment. It miraculously grew back in all its glory! YAY!



Skin care and regular treatments are probably some of the best investments that you’ll ever make. I am completely in love with Biomedical’s Skin products because I can see how it’s tackling the oh-so-famous pregnancy pigmentation. Since we’re living abroad, I can’t do regular treatments, but using the products alone are sufficient. However, I do recommend regular treatments from a therapist for optimal results. See how they do it at Revive Aesthetic Spa. Or simply contact a Pretoria based Biomedical representative.


Ok – Wow, this product is literally rocking my blonde-world. My hair is extremely thick and rather long. It takes, what feels like, hours to wash, dry and style. This REDKEN product is both a leave-in hair conditioner and a heat protection serum. Honestly, I Sometimes just leave my hair after a wash and it styles itself by drying into soft curls with a smooth texture. It’s also just as easy when I blowdry my hair. I would also recommend getting a MK-Treatment. Even though it takes a while and it’s kind of pricey, it’s definitely an investment! At the end of the day it saves you so much time, effort and money. See how they do it at Rock a Betty Salon.



 5. Anneen Henze MOM CLOTHING

As mothers we sometimes have no other choice than to ‘dress the part’… you know – whatever clothes are clean or comfortable will have to do, right? Come on! We’ve all been there… Luckily, I came across this timeless clothing line that is undeniably luxurious, comfortable and practical. There’s something for everyone in all stages of womanhood. 


This collection is as yummy as it sounds. So far I’ve used two of their baby bags. It survived two babies and a whole lot of traveling. The quality really is amazing and they have so many trending options to choose from. I would highly recommend the baby bags – because I used them myself but there are also a whole lot of other accessories, including shoes on their website. 


I guess there’ll be a lot of controversy over this one but for me, being a busy mom and always having my kids around, there is just no time for weekly sunbed sessions at the moment. So instead I thought I’d try spray tanning (which might be a bit more pricey) and self tan lotion. They are both instant, which means that I could still go about my day as per usual. If you would like to try out spray tanning, I suggest that you find a good therapist. Or just rather try a self tan mousse, this was even easier for me. I would recommend Caribbean Tan Bronzing mousse. I suggest that you use Vaseline on the obvious parts like your knees and hands. 




Juan-Ri Mostert
Juan-Ri Mostert

Kids Editor

Juan-Ri Mostert is getroud met Springbokspeler en Wêreldbeker-wenner, Franco Mostert en mamma van twee prinsesse, Joia-Belle en Jemi-Mílja. Hulle bly tans in die UK waar Franco sy rugbydroom kan uitleef en sy haar belangstellings wat strek van kinders, skryf, skoonheid en alles kreatief. Sy het haar graad in Joernalistiek, asook 'n sertifikaat in grimeerkuns en natuurlik... 'n Meestersgraad in Mamma-wees. Sy is die eienaar van 'n blog genaamd, "Everything Mostert", waar sy skryf oor hul interessante leefstyl, daaglikse dinge, haar mamma-challenges en hul splinternuwe Sous-besigheid wat binnekort die lig gaan sien. Sy is in ekstase oor haar nuwe titel as BLOSS se Kinderedakteur en sien uit na haar pad saam met al die mamma-lesers.

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