7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair

Hey, mama!

Wearing masks is the new normal and I can’t help but think that I’d sometimes rather cover my hair instead of my face.

7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair

Not being allowed to visit hair salons during lockdown has taken its toll on me, physically and mentally – which is why I asked the Senior Stylist at Rock a Betty Salon, Gerda-Marie, to give me some tips as to self-manage my hair during the lockdown. This passionate diva has helped me manage my hair for years and she also happens to be my sister. Lucky me!

7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair

Here are Gerda-Marie’s 7 tips to quick and easy hair

A Longer Hairstyle

It doesn’t mean that your hair should equal the length of the Little Mermaids. It should be just long enough so that it can easily be styled into a bun or ponytail.

A shorter hairstyle means that you’ll have to spend some serious time on styling and blow waving. Shampoo your hair twice, and while you’re at it try not to wash too rough as it can cause the hair to go oilier, faster.


Conditioning your hair after shampooing equals applying lotion to your body after a bath. Don’t use too much conditioner as salon products are very concentrated. Put the conditioner on your mid-lengths to ends – do not put too much on the roots.

7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair


Treatments make your hair feel the way you do, after a massage! Instead of applying a conditioner, you can apply a mask to your hair every week. Leave the mask/ treatment on your hair for at least 5 mins.


It makes your life (and your hair) so much easier! If you struggle with dry hair, it means that your hair is naturally more curly or frizz – try using this Redken product: Curvaceous. It’s my absolute favourite!

But any curl enhancers/ products will do. If your hair is just dry and frizzy at the ends, you can always use a mask or treatment that restores a high intensity of moisture in your hair. 

7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair

Natural Colour

Natural Colour is the way to go, mama! I suggest trying a more natural approach to colouring, for e.g. a balayage rather than a full head of highlights.

Balayage is the art of painting natural, sun-kissed highlights with the natural hair in between. This would save you so much time and hassle when it comes to regrowth.

Box Colour

PLEASE, do not box colour your hair! I know with lockdown and all that’s been going on, it’s not easy to see that regrowth reflection staring back at ya! Box colour is very hard (almost impossible) to get out, especially when you want to go blonde.

7 Tips To Quick And Easy Hair

A Haircut

What? A Haircut? Some people’s fingers are itching, especially during this time of lockdown.

My advice is that you do not cut your own hair but if there’s absolutely no alternative, go check out a YouTube video for a few tips first. I’m literally holding my breath as I’m typing this. It can so easily be a disaster – but desperate times calls for desperate measures, hey?

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