7 Tips: Plan the Perfect Party

Hi mama! So, it’s almost your little one’s birthday, you need to plan and party and you’re feeling anxious because you have no idea where to begin. 

No fear!  I got you.

I’m not a professional party planner, in fact, I’m just a mama who wants to give my children the best – like you.

Here are my personal outline and tips for planning a successful and low budget party or event, that you can totally pull off on your own. YAY!

Without planning I’d be completely lost! Grab a notebook and pen, or just use any of your smart devices to draw up and keep track of your planning and event. Use the following points to start your planning draft:


This is easier and much more important than you think! I easily go overboard and spend way too much on unnecessary things without a budget. Rather use something in or around the house.

2. Theme:

Choosing the theme of your child’s party is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make because it has to reflect your child. For my girls’ first birthday parties I have chosen themes that suit their personalities and, of course, at the age of one, they don’t have any requests on specific themes quite yet – lol. 

Create a mood board or just decide on the colour scheme.

*Tip: Simplicity is key and also a lot easier to accomplish.

3. Decor:

Once you established the theme of the party, hop onto Pinterest and pin some ideas. Just pin everything you like at this stage. After you pinned nice ideas, you can decide what would work better for your budget or what DIY ideas would be easier to accomplish.

4. Cake Table:

I like to have one focal point in the room, that would usually be my cake table. Try to work with uneven numbers, like sets of 3 or 5 when you put things together. Be creative! I also make use of a backdrop (or bunting against a wall) as, for me, it ties everything together.

5. Guests:

The number of guests invited to your party is important. Having more or less an idea of how many people are attending makes your planning much easier.

6. Food & Beverage:

I usually just get easy finger foods and a self-help ice bucket with drinks or a jug for the guests. You can always add theme related labels and goodies to your food and beverage station. Pinterest is a wonderful app to look for ideas.

7. Entertainment:

This is anything from music, a photographer, a face painter, to the activities you plan on keeping the guests busy with. I suggest drawing up somewhat of a program for the day’s events to make sure that everyone stays entertained and the vendors know what is expected of them and when.

*Tip: Give specific people specific tasks, for e.g. ask someone specifically to take a video of when you sing happy birthday. If you forget to ask (or don’t ask a specific person) you might end up without any footage of a special moment.

The most important ingredient as to making a party a success is – love. 

Remember to enjoy every second and I promise you, whatever you do will definitely be the very best for your little one.

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Juan-Ri Mostert

Kids Editor

Juan-Ri Mostert is getroud met Springbokspeler en Wêreldbeker-wenner, Franco Mostert en mamma van twee prinsesse, Joia-Belle en Jemi-Mílja. Hulle bly tans in die UK waar Franco sy rugbydroom kan uitleef en sy haar belangstellings wat strek van kinders, skryf, skoonheid en alles kreatief. Sy het haar graad in Joernalistiek, asook 'n sertifikaat in grimeerkuns en natuurlik... 'n Meestersgraad in Mamma-wees. Sy is die eienaar van 'n blog genaamd, "Everything Mostert", waar sy skryf oor hul interessante leefstyl, daaglikse dinge, haar mamma-challenges en hul splinternuwe Sous-besigheid wat binnekort die lig gaan sien. Sy is in ekstase oor haar nuwe titel as BLOSS se Kinderedakteur en sien uit na haar pad saam met al die mamma-lesers.

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