7 Other Uses for Deodorant

We don’t all have the budget for every little skin product that beauty brands try and impose on us. This week we bring you 7 easy and alternative uses for deodorant that’ll save you time and even some money.

1. Primer

If you have an oily T-zone and don’t have the budget for a primer, you can apply a stick deodorant on that area to prevent it from piling up.

Tip: Use an alcohol and fragrance-free deodorant so that it does not irritate the skin.

2. Thighs

When walking or running, the thighs rub against each other. This is what is called chaffing. It can cause pimples and a lot of discomfort. Applying deodorant in between the thighs will keep it dry, moisture free and keep from chaffing.

Tip: Apply on dry skin. You can also apply it at night before bedtime to cool the skin.

3. Glasses

It can be very annoying and irritating when your glasses keep moving especially on hot humid days. Rub deodorant on the bridge of your nose, let it dry for 5 minutes so that it sets into your skin then put your glasses back on. The slipping will be no more!

Tip: You can apply the deodorant on the glasses at night and leave in the fridge so that it sets on the glasses.

4. Bug bites

Applying deodorant on an itchy bite caused by bugs such as mosquitoes will instantly stop the itch and reduce the redness

Tip: This might not be good for kids fewer than 5 so please avoid.

5. Feet

This will help those who suffer from sweaty feet. Either apply on your feet as you sleep to keep the feet cool or apply on the sole of the shoe so that it holds the seat better.

Tip: You can also apply cooling pads in conjunction with the deodorants. These are found at health stores

6. Razor burns

Another one of the alternative uses for deodorant that not many think of. It helps reduce the inflammation that is caused by razor burns or cuts as it cools the skin off.

Tip: You can apply before or after shaving

5 Affordable Antiperspirant Deodorants We Love

Lentheric antiperspirant deodorant, R18.99


Mitchum antiperspirant deodorant, R59.99


Dove antiperspirant deodorant, R21.99


Nivea antiperspirant dry stick, R21.99


Shower to Shower antiperspirant, R17.99

All of these are available at Clicks and Dischem nationwide.

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