7 Luxurious Local Beauty Brands That You Didn’t Know About

Organic skincare has quickly gotten “under our skin” and we simply can’t get enough of it.  It is becoming more and more popular every day and I decided to take a deeper look into some amazing luxurious beauty brands, and the best part, they are all local!

What makes organic skincare so popular and sought after? Beauty fanatics all around the globe have discovered this new trend a few years ago already.  The trend emerged in 2015 and is still creating headlines daily.  The more people are becoming aware of the effects of free radicals, environmental factors, parabens, silicones, minerals and many more on the skin, the more they are turning towards the earth for their solutions.

I have discovered a few amazing local brands that will leave you breathless.

Picture from www.fontisskin.co.za

Naturals Beauty

This beautiful brand is based in Cape Town and started in 2007. Their goal is to produce an affordable, quality natural skincare range and we can see that they are doing just that! They have a wide range of products from hair care, to body care, and even a children’s range!  The best part of it is that even though we consider it to be luxurious, it is still affordable.  Have a look at their website for stockists and to order your products directly naturalsbeauty.co.za

Fontis Skinfood

Everything about this brand is just RIGHT.  The mindset, the intention, the branding, and the beautiful end result, an amazing, luxury, natural skincare brand.  This
brand screams luxury.  They are based in Pretoria.  Treat yourself to some “Skinfood” by Fontis and take the first step towards beautiful skin from the inside out.  For your new skin routine, have a look at  www.fontisskin.co.za

Heart Tree

The name says it all!  Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Conscious about your skin, and what goes on it, as well as keeping the environment in mind, what more can you ask for?  My personal favourite product from this brand is Natural Hair Oil. Every time I put that on my hair, it not only feels amazing, and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, but I get complimented on how good I smell! Get in touch with nature at www.hearttreenatural.com

Clemaia Skincare

Have you ever smelled something so delicious that you just want to eat it, literally?  This mother and daughter team creates the most beautiful soaps (and many more) that will leave you going: “Mmmmm….”.  They use natural ingredients such as goats milk, honey, oatmeal, charcoal, to mention but a few, to put together some DELICIOUS bath and body products.  Get yours at www.clemaiaskincare.co.za

Very Berry Bath Salts from Clemaia Skincare

Nirvana Natural Bliss

This luxury skincare range is developed by a PhD Medical Scientist, Dr Nirvana Shanalee Pillay, and is 100% vegan.  She developed this range based on ancient beauty secrets from around the world and combines tradition, science and nature’s goodness to create this beautiful luxury range.  These products are also eco-friendly which gets extra brownie points from us. Nirvana Natural Bliss Beauty products will have you feeling, and looking like Cleopatra in no time.  Don’t miss out, visit www.nirvananaturalbliss.com

Mies Body Products

This is just such a fun brand.  Mies Body Products contains none of the nasty ingredients that can cause long term damage to your skin or health and is handmade in Cape Town. “The Mies Promise” is that it’s good for you, and good for the earth.  What more can we want!  We are so lucky to have such amazing local artisans in our beautiful country.  Show some love and support for our local businesses and shop now at www.miesetc.com

Beauty and the Beard

This is one of the very first local, luxury and natural skincare brands that I came across a couple of years ago.  I fell in the love with the name and the beautiful glass bottles that the products are coming in.  This brand really takes care of their packaging and their items make the most beautiful gifts. And not to mention how amazing it feels on the skin.  Have a look at their Facebook Page “Beauty and the Beard” for more information on how to get your “beauty”-ful items.

Did you know?

Small businesses in South Africa contribute to approximately 60% of jobs in South Africa?  Do your part in the development of the economy, and shop local. Remember, SME’s are the heartbeat of the economy.

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Elsebe Koorsen
Elsebe Koorsen

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