6 Makeup Bag Essentials

Do you have too many makeup items in your bag that take up too much space while you almost never use half of those products? Well, let me break it down for you by showing you the 6 items that are most important and that can be used for achieving various goals when doing your makeup.

1. Mascara

The one thing I always make sure I have is mascara. The eyes are in fact, the windows to the soul. By using mascara, your lashes get more volume and it gives your eyes depth. Mascara can also bring out the colour of your eyes which can look very attractive. Even on days when I do not feel like wearing any makeup, I always apply mascara because it changes my look completely.

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

2. Tinted Moisturiser

I am a big fan of tinted moisturiser! I almost never wear normal foundation on a daily basis. Tinter moisturiser provides a lighter cover that allows your skin to breathe more, meaning fewer breakouts and clogged pores. Always go for a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF so that your skin is always protected when running your everyday errands. I wear this when working out, for photoshoots and when completing my everyday necessities. I always keep it at hand because it is so easy to remove and re-apply when needed.

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

3. Lip Balm

Keep them glossy and bossy! I am giving you my insider tips here. I have been using Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour cream for about 3 years now and it is AMAZING! Not only do I use it for my lips, but also use it to shape my brows and highlight my cheekbones. Having a product in your bag that can be used for achieving various goals not only saves you space but money.

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

4. Concealer

A good concealer always comes in handy when you get unexpected breakouts. Concealer also refreshes tired-looking eyes and some days, we all need a little fix. It also protects your skin from the sun and benefits the overall appearance of your face.

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

5. Bronzing Powder

Bring out the most beautiful features of your face by using a bronzing powder on your cheeks, forehead, neck and nose. This can also come in handy when you need eyeshadow. Bronzing can give you a healthy tanned look which for me, is a game-changer.

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

6. Primer

Primer not only prepares your skin for makeup and helps your foundation stay longer, but it can also give you a glowing look. It illuminates and hydrates your skin. After using this Smashbox primer, I have never looked back!

6 Makeup Bag Essentials

Save space and money with these 6 products because they are guaranteed to make you feel confident. Remember: skin first, makeup second, smile always!

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Kyla Diamond
Kyla Diamond

Beauty Editor

Kyla Diamond is 22 year old entrepreneur and model based in Cape Town. After graduating from Event Management and Makeup Artistry, she finds her passion in the beauty and lifestyle trends. She’s excited about starting new businesses and enjoys traveling. She is looking forward to growing her career in commercial modelling as well as completing more courses as she believes one can never stop learning. She has many exciting projects coming up in the near future and you can follow her journey here: @kyladiamond_

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