50 Shades Of Not Just Grey: Using Colour Therapy.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey: Using Colour Therapy.

Colour is one of the key elements in creating the right mood for any space. All colours have a different emotional impact therefore used as a good guideline for different interior design projects. There are infant so much more than 50 Shades Of Grey.

When using colour in the home environment, we all have our own personal choice.
Particular colour choices can help in providing a specific ‘feeling’ for space.

Colour impacts on interior design:

Red from Rose and Merlot.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey
Reds are energetic, powerful and stir excitement ALTHOUGH it also Increases appetite and boosts confidence. Red should be used in moderation because too much red can come across as aggressive and straining to the eye.


Recommended areas of use: Any activity area but red needs careful choice of tone and depth. The space in which it is to be used can make a space look smaller and can be claustrophobic or oppressive. However, used well, red and its variations can make a space feel warm and cosy. Often used in restaurants and kitchens.

Orange makes me feel enthusiastic, doesn’t it honey?

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

Promotes optimism, cheerfulness and positivity as well as stimulates creativity.

Orange is the colour of fun and sociability.

Recommended areas of use: Any activity area and creative areas such as living rooms.
Not ideal for bedrooms or areas of possible stress.

Purple for mind, soul and therapy.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

Purple heightens awareness and is good for meditation.

Calming for body and mind.

Recommended areas of use: Places of worship, entry areas to clinics and hospitals. Use pale or muted purple in bedrooms.

Yellow there sunshine, don’t stress.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

It’s forceful, stimulates the brain and is known for enhancing creativity thus helpful for study as it helps us to stay alert.

Yellow is the colour of happiness, intellect and creativity!

Recommended areas of use:
Activity rooms, entrance halls and study areas.
Not for bedrooms as yellow can interfere with sleep since it tends to keep our minds “switched on”.
It is also not ideal for areas of possible stress.

Green stands for gorgeous, not just grey.

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

Harmonious and bring balance to the mind.

Greens are calm and soothing although it can become boring and evoke stagnation.

It however encourages tolerance and understanding.

Recommended areas of use: Depending upon the shade, it can be used for most areas. Use it with other colours/colour as well to avoid the balance and harmony becoming more like total inactivity and indecision.

Shades of blue calm the atmosphere

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

Most calming colour used in interior design.

Blue aids communication and a sense of atmosphere. Not as sedating as indigo.

Turquoise: Cool and calming and good for the nervous system and immune system.

Recommended areas of use: Any rooms except those used for physical activity or play. Perfect for psychologist rooms.

White’s as peaceful as porcelain

Sophisticated, simplistic colour that creates a peaceful and pure environment. White contains all the colours.

It emphasises purity and illuminates our thoughts, giving us clarity.

Can create a calm and unfriendly space if used to the extreme.

Recommended areas of use: Any room, but it can be a little intimidating to some. Needs to be broken up with another colour or with plants/ornaments/art etc.

Pink evokes the woman in me

50 Shades Of Not Just Grey

Romantic, passionate and feminine. Too much pink can cause a physically weak feeling.

This colour soothes and nurtures and helps dissolve anger and encourages unconditional love.

Recommended areas of use: Baby/Child /Woman’s bedroom.

Black and Beautiful Sophistication

Black enhances the feeling of Sophistication.

When used with another colour it enhances the energy of that colour. Black gives us the space for reflection and inner searching although it can become too heavy.

Recommended areas of use: Not ideal as a single colour, but when used with care, can enhance and complement other colours in almost any situation.

Personalise your space with the correct use of colour and remember that there is so much more than 50 shades of grey!


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50 Shades Of Not Just Grey: Using Colour Therapy

Carmen Hosten

Decor Editor

Carmen Hosten is a determined, innovative entrepreneur and designer focused on uniquely personalized interiors, architecture and furniture. With a BA degree in Interior Architectural Design Carmen developed a well trained eye for quality and spatial transformation that she combines with environmentally friendly and trend-setting designs.

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