5 Steps to Own and Tell Your Story

There are not enough words to emphasize the reality that life comes with different seasons. I once came across a phrase on social media that said:

“Life will hurt you until you become a motivational speaker.”

Hilarious, I know, people have a way of clothing everything with a bit of humor! However, I loved that element of admitting that challenges are mostly about beefing up the Telling if we don’t give up. It’s mostly after rough seasons where we become relatable and effective not only to touch lives but also empowering others with a right to do so.

Today I want to share my self made coping strategy; 5 steps to own and tell your story!

Don’t Shrink Back

Know that this is the way it should go, being timid will only delay you. Choose to accept and embrace change irrespective of what it brings and always know that you’re capable of rebuilding at any point. If it’s not anything you can change, quit questions like “Why me?” rather make statements like “Try me!”

Crush the Pity Party

Fight hard to not shift into this total waste of time. While you allow yourself in such, there’s a lot happening around you and deductions being made about the person you are. Realize that this could trap you in victim mode and stop this process of growth from positioning you for progress.

Pay Attention

If there’s a time for strengthening in our paths, it’s when facing challenges. Choose to learn from mistakes, be open-minded and focus on the new lessons. Let go of what’s not staying with you and understand that perseverance is a path to maturity. Profound books and life-changing stories are not told from comfort zones, they’re born under fire.

Rescue Your Worth

You’re not what you go through! Don’t allow anything or anyone’s opinion of your seasonal situations reduce your worth. We’re all imperfect people, perfected through imperfections. Always keep in mind that it’s temporary and it’s limited to only a problem you’ve encountered.

Leave Nothing Behind, Own It!

Tell your story with unwavering courage. Overcome any inclination that might arise by leaving behind details you feel are not to your advantage. Remember that they’re not necessarily supposed to impress you, it’s an inspiration for others. Be truthful and refuse to entertain uninformed opinions from amateurs, they’ll always have something to say! Have nothing of it.

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Portia Radebe
Portia Radebe

Real Life Editor

Portia Radebe is an inspirational Image Consultant and Life Coach, an entrepreneur qualified as an Event Planner and she has expertise in protocol etiquette. She is a creative, hardworking and passionate woman, with a conviction of excellence in her area of expertise. Portia is the former face of Nestle Pure Life, Torga Optical, Absa South Africa Johnson&Johnson, as well as a Mrs SA 2017 Top 10 Finalist. She pioneers various initiatives of her own including charity work, assisting youth with building self-esteem and girls self-pride. She’s a wife, Pastor and a mother of four girls.


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