5 Local Brands You Should Keep An Eye On

Have you ever scrolled through the gram and seen all these fashion bloggers or travel bloggers with the cutest outfits and wondered, “ah I really wish I could get my hands on that outfit”, clicked on the tag and everything is in USD. Yeah no one wants to take that risk with the post office.

The past couple of weeks I have been doing some research to find some local small brands in South Africa for us to get our hands on the cutest outfits that wont charge us an arm and a leg.

  1. Pretty Jane Shop

Pretty Jane DressThis little beauty is owned by Jeanri Wernich, who has brought all kinds of happiness to my Instagram feed. Pretty Jane Shop has a range of beautiful, classy dresses with some puff sleeve to strappy tops and a full range bikinis or one piece costumes. They also stock a few unique accessories and skin care products. A little secrete… you can sip your wine and add to cart without any hassle of movie from website to website.



  1. Swish + Sway

Swish + Sway SkirtAnother beautiful local brand that is only one month old! Swish + Sway is a brand new brand that is inspired by TRAVEL. Ha, this only means one thing…I can get my lanky fingers on those stunning satin printed skirt I’ve been dreaming of! When you visit their website you will see a wide range of clothes: they stock some cute set pieces, the most stunning skirts some cosy knit wear that will be launching soon… don’t worry, I have a little sneak peak for you.

  1. Bronzed Basket

Bronzed basket woven handbagThis is a brand that truly makes you travel without even moving, The items that got their brand going are hand woven and dyed by a small team in a village based in Mpumalanga South Africa. The basket bags are all unique due to the natural elements used in creating these products, therefore no two are identical and they are all special in their own way despite it being the same design.



  1. Dashing Fashion Pretoria

Puff shoulder dashing fashionOkay ladies, if you are looking for something unique to go into your closet, Dashing fashion is the place to go. Dashing Fashion constantly have new clothes flowing in and out which mean you will never get bored of their outfit choices. This is a brand that have a great deal of styles which range from formal, to semi formal, to your everyday outfits. They also keep some fierce looking garments that are waiting for you to pull them off.

  1. SKYLR

Skylr the back of their hoodie A brand of its own style. This local athleisure/lifestyle brand creates only unique outwear pieces with the aim of their consumers being able to really play with their looks from day to night. Their designs are edgy and stylish with a concentration on comfortability which is always a plus, They have made sure their items are versatile so their girls have the choice to go from gym- to brunching with friends- to a quick store run without feeling self-conscious about your outfit.


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Bianca Raposo
Bianca Raposo

Fashion Editor

Bianca Raposo is in the digital marketing industry, she has an international Diploma in Fashion/Theatre and Media Hair & Makeup. Her true passion and appreciation for fashion came about when she started experimenting with different styles of clothing, thinking out the box and really pushing the envelope with outfit ideas. Bianca has been a model for 7 years and has been around the fashion industry for quit some time.

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