5 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

Is it just me, or is life feeling more stressful and tense with everything going on now? Stuck in the house in front of a computer or cellphone all day. While I am super grateful, it’s just getting too much for me sometimes. However, if you feel a bit stressed or anxious you can follow these 5 natural ways to reduce stress.

5 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

Breathe Deeply

There may be a few moments where you may feel a bit overwhelming.  Especially if you are trying to balance your personal and work life. Take a few breaths, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. This sounds very clichè, but this can REALLY HELP if it is done the right way.

Reduce Eye Strain

Over the past months, you probably looked at a screen more than ever before. Try to focus on something other than your screen for about a minute every twenty minutes. 20-20-20 Method: every 20 minutes look at something for 20 seconds that is about 20 feet away. Another great idea is to buy yourself a glare-reducing computer screen cover. You will thank me in the future.

5 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

Schedule Time For Self-Care 

This is definitely much easier said than done. It is vital for your mental health to have time for yourself and do something you want to do, on your own. You can do things like taking a long bath with candles and music, give yourself a facial, meditate, or anything that can bring peace into that precious soul.

Use Soothing and Calming Scents

I love to light different types of candles and to explore the magical scents. Collecting candles can be such a fun hobby. You can also create your own candles at home, just click here to see how.

5 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress

We all have so much tension during this pandemic. You owe it to yourself to take care of YOU and follow these 5 natural ways to reduce stress. I hope these natural stress relief techniques helps you to get through each day with bliss. Never ever feel guilty for taking care of yourself first.

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Rina Jacobs

Health Editor

Rina Jacobs is a Personnel Agent and holds a degree in Human Resource Management. She also enjoys being active on social media platforms. Her love for sport and fitness began at a very young age and self-discipline is what keeps her on her feet. She believes that happiness comes from within and a positive mindset is a key to success. An interesting fact about Rina: She enjoys playing Fifa soccer on PlayStation in her free time.

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