5 Minutes with the King of Hair Colour

Marcus Okitangongo Tshipamba is the owner of Famous Cut Studios in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. His is a salon many would say is the go-to place for expert hair colour, especially for black hair which requires great technical skill to colour correctly. Marcus has been colouring hair for many years and after having studied in the UK is considered to be Johannesburg’s “King of Colour”.  We’ve seen his touch on the likes of Nandi Madida who’s been playing around with colour a lot lately. With summer upon us, he shares his expert knowledge on the art of hair colour.

What is the most common mistake women make when deciding to colour their hair?

The most common mistake is underestimating the time it takes to achieve the colour and also the state of the hair before going to see a professional stylist. Most people see a beautiful silver colour and think they can just buy it from the retail shops without understanding the processing and science behind it. Colouring hair is a science. 

Why is it difficult for most stylists to get the crisp white/silver/platinum colour right on black hair? 

A stylist can’t get these colours right without understanding the basic principle of colouring and the material they’re working on, that is hair texture, hair density, PH balance etc. Generally, it’s lack of education and proper consultation that also leads to unsatisfactory results, always colour your hair with someone who’s a proven specialist in colour.

How long does it take to achieve the white/silver/platinum colour?

This will depend on the person’s natural hair colour level and the reflected undertone. I always tell clients if they want it done in one day they have to budget a minimum of 3 hours for application, treatments to restore the hair and toning time.

Does this type of extreme hair colour damage hair?

Colour is a chemical process like any other and generally colour strips moisture out of your hair and sometimes changes the texture of it depending on the hair colour you want to achieve. Professional brands have restorative measures (treatment)to protect and restore the balance of both moisture and protein to the hair, this process requires a commitment to the maintenance in order to save hair from breaking. 

How do I maintain white/silver/platinum hair colour so it doesn’t go yellow or brassy?

The maintenance plan for this constitutes of silver or purple shampoo and conditioner kits, as well as hydrating treatment for home use and an in-salon toner and treatment every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the colour fresh so the cuticle stays closed and avoids evaporation caused by the weather. You must also avoid Chlorines (found in pools) by all means to keep the toner reflection for longer.

How long should I wait before I can colour it back to black?

You can go back at any desired time but you need to understand that it is as much of a process to go back to black because we have to restore the pigment back before depositing the black colour again.  

For bookings call: 082 400 8396 | Follow them @famouscutstudios

featured image credit: @nandi_madida 



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