5 Minutes with Model Kaone Kario

The August issue of Bloss Africa Magazine is Women’s Month inspired, and we’re looking forward to get a peek through the perspective of iconic model Kaone Kario, about the modelling world and life as we currently know it.


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How has the modelling world adjusted or changed your views on what it actually is to be a model citizen?

Personally I am still wrapping my brain around the changes. So at the moment we are social distancing as much as possible  on set. We are spending a lot more time online, using the many different platforms to keep momentum going.  Casting via self tapes. We’re adapting, it is a whole new world. Some clients even let models shoot their stories themselves. It’s pretty cool. The creativity has been flowing. I dig that.

As a model, what are some misconceptions or expectations of the physical and mental capacity of one human being, in the world of selling the perception of perfection?

Gosh, that I am my images. I think sometimes society forgets that; I  am working. I am here to ‘romance ‘ you into buying into whatever it is I am selling. As soon as it’s a wrap, I am myself. Model me and everyday me are very different at times.

In so many ways I am participating in selling the illusion of perfection so sometimes folks think I am like the images I am  in, they forget I am  air brushed to perfection. Beauty is skin deep and sometimes  I wish the world could consume one’s total humanity and not  just the beautiful face or body. I can’t stand the objectification at times. I have been doing this for over a decade now and the thing that gets me sometimes is the loneliness of it. I travel alone and have had to deal with all sorts of people, preparatory folks and the instability of our seasons sometimes causes some anxiety. I’m not complaining, modelling has afforded me some incredible experiences.   It opened the world to me and I will trade on this face till the wheels fall off.

Many of us are coping with and accepting our mental health as an utmost priority, what are your go to tools with facing life’s challenges, and getting back to your centre?

Hanging out with Jesus through music and prayer. Meditation. I write to calm myself sometimes. Walking. Hiking. Eating a solid nutritious meal a day. A warm shower. Video calls with family and friends. Basking in the sun!

Being outspoken is still seen as being a problem in some corners. Has dealing with issues that affect you directly, while on a job or otherwise, ever been difficult to tackle?

Yes.  I have learnt not to say what  I am  really thinking.  I can’t afford to be to be honest. I would starve.

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Lerato Moloi

Modelling Editor

Lerato Mpho Moloi is a South African model. Her career spans from featuring in magazine editorials for Elle, Cosmopolitan, True Love, Destiny, and Marie-Claire, to strutting her stuff on the catwalk for top South African designers like Clive Rundle and Machere. She has continued to be featured in Fashion Weeks since 1999. She’s also featured in leading roles on television commercials for brands such as, Cell C, Dettol, Jet, Vodacom, Nedbank, to name a few. Lerato has enjoyed the benefits of modeling by travelling to countries like Australia, China, US, UK, Russia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, The Comoros, and India

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