4 Unapologetically Fierce Trends This Feb

All we did was blink and Valentine’s Day has already crept up on us. Let’s be honest for a second, deciding what to wear on Valentine’s Day is a THING, right? We aren’t losing it here, are we?

Generally, we want to look and feel fabulous, not only for our partners but also for ourselves. We don’t know about you, but we dress to impress ourselves – Every now and then we are allowed to be a little selfish.

BLOSS has 4 unapologetically fierce trends for you to try this Valentine’s Day.

That Dusty pink

When we think about dusty pink, our minds go straight to candy floss. We know it’s delicious; it has to be eaten with caution and saver ever yummy moment. Now dusty pink is one in the same, it’s delicious, it makes you feel love, and it makes you feel elegant and fancy. You can never go wrong with dusty pink; it’s sexy and flattering on everyone.

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Sequence makes the world go round

Always remember that you are a strong fierce individual, who can add as much sparkle to their lives as they want, and with a little sequin number you are guaranteed to shine like the diamond you are.






Pop of grunge

Often the safest things you could do is wear one colour, like nude or black and just pop on a hint of colour. A beautiful deep red lip, a sexy pair of metallic heels, or even a burgundy eye to give off that sexy chic.



In our opinion, the best way to amp up any outfit, is by stepping up your accessories game. You never can go wrong with a set of layered chains, or that hair clip you bought because it touched your sole or those beautiful hoops you glimpsed at and thought the fact that they are miss matched, means that you need them in your life. We feel you and we are just as obsessed.








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