4 Mother-Rocking Influencers

We all feel RELIEVED when we RELATE.

I have tracked down these four incredibly inspiring women who I can relate to in both motherhood and womanhood. Like all of us, each of these woman are on their own inspiring journey. On their blogs they share their experiences of  motherhood, personal life and their businesses. Give them a follow to see what products they use to be so mother-rocking great!

1. Koekemakranka.net



The radiant, Lizanne Theron, is the mother of a handsome baby boy. She not only shares the lessons she’s learning as a first-time mom, but  also how she’s juggling a full-time-job. The proudly Afrikaans blog called, Koekemakranka. It has an online store that sells a range of baby goodies – of which,I have my eye on that  “MOSTERT” Bloomer for my baby.

Surprisingly, Lizanne and I were in the same primary and high schools. She has always been the same kind-hearted, warm and loving person she is today. I love seeing her be the most incredible moma and wife that she is. I relate to her blog posts 100% because they are so honest, raw and above all uplifting and inspiring.

Here are some baby-products that she uses:

  1. Totem Teepee
  2. Hoolies Kids Clothing

2. Just a Mamma



Just a mamma’s Mari-Louise Candiotes has the cutest family. Herself and her husband are parents to three beautiful little girls. Apparently she’s “figuring out” parenting and blogging about it – but really, this superwoman has it all under control and I learn so much from her honest posts and reviews.

She has a mean mother-rocking blog where she discusses all the ins and outs of all sorts of topics. She makes you feel at ease when you read about the topics that might you feel  uncomfortable. Marie-Louse is incredibly easy to relate to, it feels as if i have knows her for years yet we haven’t even met!


Here are some baby-products that she uses:

  1. Anna Patat Clothing
  2. Annies Baking Club

3. Brave like a Mom



Suzanne is happily married to the love of her life and they have two beautiful girls. She had preeclampsia with both her baby girls and she proudly shares their fortunate NICU journey on Instagram. She is not only a TAX Advisor, but she’s also a founder of Die Naguilklub, which is an inspiring, proud Afrikaans mom club; and Hear Her Voice SA, which is a cause that takes a stand against gender based violence.


 Here are some baby-products that she uses:

  1. Keedo 
  2. Soda Bloc

4. Semone Skosan



The beautiful Digital Creator and Influencer, Semone, is married to Springbok player, Cortnal Skosan and they are parents to two beautiful baby boys.

I’ve known Semone since we were young women and let me tell you, nothing is too big or hard for this strong woman to handle. She just keeps going in her own fun and energetic way.

Here are some baby-products that she uses:

  1. Huggies nappies and wet wipes
  2. Child Farm baby products


Juan-Ri Mostert

Kids Editor

Juan-Ri Mostert is getroud met Springbokspeler en Wêreldbeker-wenner, Franco Mostert en mamma van twee prinsesse, Joia-Belle en Jemi-Mílja. Hulle bly tans in die UK waar Franco sy rugbydroom kan uitleef en sy haar belangstellings wat strek van kinders, skryf, skoonheid en alles kreatief. Sy het haar graad in Joernalistiek, asook 'n sertifikaat in grimeerkuns en natuurlik... 'n Meestersgraad in Mamma-wees. Sy is die eienaar van 'n blog genaamd, "Everything Mostert", waar sy skryf oor hul interessante leefstyl, daaglikse dinge, haar mamma-challenges en hul splinternuwe Sous-besigheid wat binnekort die lig gaan sien. Sy is in ekstase oor haar nuwe titel as BLOSS se Kinderedakteur en sien uit na haar pad saam met al die mamma-lesers.

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