3 Ways To Finish Off Your Winter Outfit

Am I the only one that thinks because its winter we need to wear only dark or dull colours as an appropriate winter outfit? I will be the first to admit it, I WAS WRONG. There are a few ways to brush up your outfit and colour isn’t the only thing.

Here are 3 trendy ways to finish off your winter outfit


Colourful beanieI know what some of you are thinking, ‘I won’t suit a beanie’. Yes, Yes you will.  Yesterday a friend of mine said the same thing, She eventually put the beanie on and she was rocking the crap out of it!

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about your bad hair days or the day you forgot to wash your hair and dry shampoo won’t be enough because the beanie will come to your rescue


Red winter lipI have an obsession for wearing all-black outfits, from head to toe and sometimes a nude lip doesn’t scream ‘im rocking this outfit’ quite like a bright lip, I found a brand that lasts forever, I can eat, drink, chat ALOT, and nothing, not even a smudge.

My favourite colour to wear with all black is ROAR 

3. Feeling Blue

Blue trousers with nutral colour top

Adding a blue item to neutral tones is the trend at the moment. This vibe is so versatile that you can play and anything will work.

Pairing neutral jackets with blue trousers or neutral trousers with a blue coat are the way to go. You can even add your blue accessories to your outfit and it will work.


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Bianca Raposo

Fashion Editor

Bianca Raposo is in the digital marketing industry, she has an international Diploma in Fashion/Theatre and Media Hair & Makeup. Her true passion and appreciation for fashion came about when she started experimenting with different styles of clothing, thinking out the box and really pushing the envelope with outfit ideas. Bianca has been a model for 7 years and has been around the fashion industry for quit some time.

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