3 Tips to Keep Motherhood Fashionable

Maintaining Your Style

Mankoana Nhlebela

I must admit that I was slightly concerned with how I would keep motherhood fashionable and how it would impact my personal style.

A few months of living in the comfiest of clothes and making sure that what I wore supported my baby’s nursing needs, I wondered how mama would get her groove back.

An even greater challenge, post birth, was trying to transition back to my pre-mama clothes. I wasn’t prepared to buy a whole new wardrobe and we all know we need some time to shed that baby fat.

I am glad to say that nothing changed drastically. But, my perspective on how to maintain my personal style has definitely been influenced by this new role of being a mother.

A Tribe of Stylish Mamas

I’ve had a few mamas expressing the guilt they feel each time they think of shopping for items for themselves. So instead they end up just buying for their little ones and denying themselves of their style needs.

I truly believe that we owe it to ourselves as mamas to stay true to our personal style.

Rocking Motherhood in Style

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you lose your individuality. Your personal style still remains a beautiful expression of who you are as an individual. Giving to our kids should not take away from giving to ourselves. You can still rock motherhood in style, and effortlessly so.

Here are three tips that will help you effortlessly maintain your personal style as you navigate through and keep motherhood fashionable:

1. Consider Crease-Free Items


Trying to get ready for an outing with a child at hand brings a different spin to things. With possibly less time to get ready, try to find clothing items that don’t require much preparation. Quick pick-up and put-on items will give you more time to pack essential items. This will make your outing with your little one easier.

I’m loving the Baby and Mama range from UKARA. Not only do you and your little one stay stylish but the ‘twinning’ set gives a quick dress-up option for you both.

2. Consider the Location

Mankoana Nhlebela
Mankoana Nhlebela

I’ve always been a heel type of girl, so I would easily hit the mall with a pair of comfy heels. I tried this with my toddler accompanying me, quite a bold step I learned. Chasing a toddler flat out in heels, across a mall, was definitely not the type of outing I was going for.

You can absolutely rock heels with your little one, but consider the dynamics of the location you are headed to.

Who says you can’t rock a stylish look without heels? You can combine comfort and style, and Hi-Tec has proved just that. With their exciting Vortex Collection, Hi-Tec is definitely redefining comfortable style with the V-Tribe range.

The range is super lightweight and available for both women and kids. Yes, another ‘twinning’ opportunity for you and your mini-me. This range has made it so easy for me to maintain my style as I hit the malls with my little one.

Shop your V-Tribe online now and feel free to share how you styled your pair.

3. Styling with Your Mommy Bag

Photos from jeankelly.co.za

Mommy bags are an essential baby must-have, but can also double up as a great accessory. With the range of beautiful mommy bags that are available you can achieve an ultra-chic look whilst making sure you have all your baby essentials readily available.

These mommy bags from JeanKelly definitely tick all the style requirements. Shop their wide range online.

No more Guilt Trips

Mankoana Nhlebela

Motherhood is no piece of cake. Every one of us mamas deserves to feel great about how we look. So don’t deny yourself the pleasure of looking and feeling your best.

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Mankoana Nhlebela
Mankoana Nhlebela

Kids Editor

Mankoana Nhlebela is an Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker and Mentor. With a creative flair, she’s the owner of UKARA, a fashion and lifestyle brand, and Co-Founder of Motherly Love Baby Shower, a non-profit organisation that aims to support underprivileged mothers-to-be. With a span of multiple roles, including a corporate job in Telecommunications, one of her favourites is that of parenting. As a mother of two, and a women empowerment enthusiast, she firmly believes in the power of affirmation and intentional parenting.

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