2021: Walking Into The New Year

As we walk into 2021, let’s look at the positive, remember the good moments, and look forward to the future. It is month 12 out of 12. Day 366 out of 366. Wow, what a year 2020 has been and how the time has flown. We are walking into the year, 2021. A new year is about to begin, can you believe it?

2021: Walking Into The New Year

I personally love the feeling of starting a new year although every day is special in its own kind of way. There is always something so refreshing when it comes to this time of year. This time of year is filled with hope and new beginnings. It’s a time when goals are set for the year ahead, resolutions are made and, dreams are dreamt.

We are all busy writing and living our life stories. The year 2021 is a new chapter. Just imagine all of the wondrous possibilities and new adventures that we all will have. Every day a blank page for you to fill.  A story that is still untold.

2021: Walking Into The New Year

New year wishes:

Whatever the year 2021 holds. My wish for you is that you make the best of every moment, live life fully, and take on every opportunity that comes your way. May your dreams become a reality. May you keep on glowing, growing and keep on being you. As the new year begins may you remember that you are enough, you are beautiful, worthy, and strong. You are going places. Happy New year, may you walk into 2021 with hope, dreams, and excitement.

Can you believe that we are busy walking into the year, 2021?

2021: Walking Into The New Year

“The best is yet to come.”- Frank Sinatra

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Hermina Joubert

Animal Editor

Call her a dreamer. A lover of life a true enthusiast. Some of her passions include: People, she enjoys working with and getting to know everyone around her. Nature, she often enjoys being surrounded by nature it makes her feel peaceful and relaxed. In fact she often wishes that a sunset could be classified as a colour. Entertainment industry, a huge love of hers for as long as she can remember. This has become second nature to her. One of her greatest desires in life is to be able to make a difference in the lives of everyone she meets. She writes, motivates, and spreads positivity, enjoys life, and lives life to the fullest. Her motto: All things are possible

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