1960’s in reverse, would you try this?

The reverse tie-dye is the newest and coolest trend and we dig it. This trend appeared in the 1960s where people showed their creativity and colourful lives.

2020 is doing this trend in reverse, we are taking our colourful or black clothes and bleaching it, it’s quite a fun task to do during this lock and never-ending lockdown.

Heres how we did it:

Step 1:

Choose an item of clothing you wish to change- I took an old pair of track pants that needed to be upcycled.

Tied pants with elasticsStep 2:

Use elastic bands tie your item of clothing in the pattern you want, make sure it’s tight

Step 3:

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area; I went outside, and I placed a black plastic bag underneath the items of clothing just for protection.

Spray bottle with bleach

Step 4:

Depending on the bleach you are using; mix half bleach and half water into a spray bottle then spray it onto the clothes.

I used Domestos 500ml and I didn’t mix it with water, I just used it straight from the bottle and threw it onto my track pants

Step 5:

Wait about 15-30min and then rinse the item of clothing, make sure all the bleach is out before placing it into the washing machine or you could wash it by hand, your choice.

Step 6:

Wait for it to dry and you are DONE with your reverse tie-dye!! That’s a new item of clothing in your closet yay

Make sure to tag @blossmagazine and @its_b_raposo so we can see your beautiful creations.

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Bianca Raposo

Fashion Editor

Bianca Raposo is in the digital marketing industry, she has an international Diploma in Fashion/Theatre and Media Hair & Makeup. Her true passion and appreciation for fashion came about when she started experimenting with different styles of clothing, thinking out the box and really pushing the envelope with outfit ideas. Bianca has been a model for 7 years and has been around the fashion industry for quit some time.

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