15 Tips For Doing Your Own Salon-Worthy Nails

Nails are so important to look after and such a great way to express your style. Whether you choose gel, acrylic or just do it naturally, you have to put in a lot of effort to take care of your nails.

Here are some tips for better care and to be more creative with your nails.

1. Put on petroleum jelly on the sides of your nail, on the skin. If you made a mistake you can simply wipe it off.

2. After applying your base coat, use a white to make the colours you’re going to apply on top stand out.

3. Want your nails to dry quicker? Soak them in ice water after painting them.

4. For easy removal of glitter, apply white craft glue and then the glitter. It will be less of a hassle to remove.

5. Is your nail polish lid stuck? Simply put it in hot water and it will open.

6. Use a sandwich bag to paint nail art designs and then you peel it off and apply a top coat.

7. Use tape for a two-tone design.

8. Eyeliner pencils are great for applying tiny nail art accessories.

9. Use your preferred colour eyeshadow and mix it with clear polish to create your own colour.

10. Want the marble look? No problem, just use two colours and dip it into a cup of water. Use a toothpick to mix the two colours. Then dip your nails in the water for it to stick. Lastly, apply a top coat.

11. Cooking spray also helps the polish to dry faster.

12. Before applying new polish, clean your nails with distilled vinegar. It will make your the polish last longer.

13. Use a bobby pin to create perfect polka dots.

14. Use a small piece of net on the nail, then apply any colour over it. Wait for it to dry then remove the net. Perfect to recreate the mermaid look.

15. Floss sticks can be used to create abstract designs.

With an off afternoon, you can do your own salon-worthy nails. It’s cheaper and faster to try it yourself.

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Elizma de Beer

BLOSS Youth Beauty Editor

Elizma de Beer is currently studying Cosmetology at Potchefstroom academy. Her hobbies and interests range from image consulting, fashion as well as graphic design. She believes that image consulting makeovers with the correct make-up, hairstyles and introduction to the latest fashion trends can make anyone look amazing and also help them feel confident about themselves. Next year she wants to study journalism and pursue her dreams to work in the beauty/fashion industry. She also wants to inspire and collaborate with people who share the same passion as her.

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