12 Things You Never Knew About Girl Bosses Travelling the World

So we all know that girls rule the world, right?  But, did you know that nearly two-thirds of all travellers today are women? That’s is according to a recent report on Women in Business Travel published by FCM Travel Solutions. According to them, we make 80% of all travel decisions!

We are pretty proud of the fact that in Africa, 89% of businesses in Africa have at least one woman on their senior management teams, as compared to 75% of businesses worldwide.

Together with FCM Travel Solutions, we’ve made a list of the 12 things you never knew about the girl bosses of the world who travel the globe in search of world domination while balancing family relationships, health and friendships. Not to mention, we look good doing it!

1. Female business leaders are travel obsessed #totalgoals
Most business travellers like to travel. In fact, research shows that women like to travel even more than men with 45.83% of women saying they enjoy their travels as opposed to 39,58% of men. Although the value of business travel lies in face-to-face interaction and meeting colleagues, over half of travellers enjoy the sheer experience of travel and exposure to different cultures.

2. Time away from family is the biggest pain point for women
The most significant drawback of business travel for all ladies is the time spent away from the family, and a dislike of travelling alone. We prefer to share in the joy of new experiences!

3. Men stay away longer than women
While women tend to make more overnight stays than men, more men stay away for longer. Overall men are travelling slightly more than women, although women attend more events and conferences. Can someone say multitasking? We do it best!

4. Women are not overly impressed with airport facilities
In general, women have so much going on that we prefer not to waste a single second! Showering at the airport? Only in an emergency! We prefer to make use of dry shampoo and a pack of face wipes to freshen up on the plane. Throw in a little moisturising sheet mask while we catch up on our emails and we are ready to step into our next destination looking radiant.

5. Men are more tempted by business class travel than women
According to the study, most travellers fly economy on both short and long-haul flights, but men seem to be drawn to the allure of business class more than women.

6. Women are more loyal
More women belong to airline loyalty programs than men. Girl bosses understand the power of points and cashback and we also stay loyal to a company when we find one that meets our expectations.

7. A seat with a view, please!
Half of business travellers prefer window seats, especially women. Come on, we need to keep an eye on the future! It’s all about vision!

8. Safety is not gender-related
It appears that the duty of care and safety is not gender-specific either. Most business travellers reach their hotels or meetings by official taxi or pre-arranged transfer. No one likes scrambling around or being late for important meetings. Safety in unknown territories come first!

9. Women like company
Most business travellers prefer to stay near their meeting place or office. However, they make hotel choices based not only on location but also based on free Wi-Fi, 24- hour reception and security, price and on-site bar or restaurant. It’s all about convenience!

10. Men like the gym, women prefer the spa
The continuing trend towards greater fitness and a healthy lifestyle is so important. Half of all business travellers surveyed said they use the gym when staying in a hotel that has one, with only a third making use of spa facilities.

11. Men are more likely to use the hotel amenities
Men are also more likely to use the hotel body-wash, shampoo and conditioner. We think that it’s because women tend to be much more prepared and specific when it comes to the products we use. Let’s be honest, hotel shampoo is only there in case of an emergency.

12. Women prefer hotels to Airbnb
More than half of business travellers said they would stay in an Airbnb property, although fewer women are willing to do so than men. Women love the idea and concept, but when it comes to business travel we prefer to stay somewhere with a concierge.

In the end, both men and women strive to have the same things. That is what equal opportunity is all about, giving each person the opportunity to achieve the same goals and dreams no matter what age, race or gender.

Magdel Steyn
Magdel Steyn

Influencer Development Manager and Travel Editor

Magdél is a communication specialist and entrepreneur who creates opportunities for traveling and stories through her digital nomad lifestyle. She is the owner of MSMedia and a Digital Influencer who shares various business and travel tips.

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