10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020 That You Need To Be Aware Of

As we are all still stuck in this whole Carona-thing, we look back at the first six months and reflect on all of our “fab” (and not so fab) experiences so far. We also started to look ahead, whipping out our crystal ball to make a few predictions for the youth marketing sphere in 2021. So by the time the carols stop and before the New Year’s begin, we’ll hopefully be one step ahead. Let’s start the madness.

# 1 Shop through social

One of the big trends now and to be honest, for years to come is shop-able content.

Gen Z a Millennials faves Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram is giving users the platform to sponsor their products for sale. Instagram also try to make it as comfortable as possible for all of the users. If you tap on the photo of the product that you are interested in the link pops up and all information about the product and prices are available.

Also where you can get the product. Pinterest recently released their “Lense” feature which allows users to take an image of a product and match it with brands and sweet Pinterest boards for ideas. Pinterest also gives us the opportunity to make our own boards and to share it with other people on Pinterest. It’s a good way to share creativity over the world especially in these times.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

Just imagine a day in quarantine and your best friend Pinterest gives you all the ideas to cook something amazing for the night and you can taste it already just by looking at the picture.

#2 Brands will start marketing towards smaller tribes of youth people

Millennials and Gen Z – are here, and they’re right now. Gen Z prefer not to be grouped in categories –they like to be individual and unique, so your marketing needs to be the same.

A lot of brands already have the tribe mentality when it comes to youth marketing, and yours should too if you haven’t started.

#3 Instagram stories will become the primary marketing channel

Stories are the place Gen Z (and to be honest, most people) make their thoughts heard. It’s the modern Facebook Status, you let people know where you are / what you are up to, you share your favourite music and chuck up sneaky pics of yourself “looking banging”.

Being constantly present at the top of the feed of your followers will guarantee more visibility than what a regular post might get.

Instagram stories attract many people if you use your creativity. It also gives the followers a good idea about what to expect on your account. The only thing is to be ultra-creative with what you upload. After all, you only have a few seconds to get that attention.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

Most of the time your Instagram and Facebook say a lot of the kind of style a person has.

So start building your brand presence a.s.a.p. on IG stories, because having a strong organic following on your stories will be like gold dust come next year.

#4 But Gen Z influencers will use TikTok as their primary channel

Everyone’s heard a little bit of TikTok these days, but I’m still surprised at how many people just laugh it off or say ‘’oh my I just don’t get it’’.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

Don’t be surprised to see most Gen Z relevant influence end up trophying TikTok as their primary social channel. I was shocked to see how many young people use TikTok in this COVID 19 times.

Tik Tok is a good platform for entertainment. TikTok gave people the chance to become famous on the platform, just by doing what they like and share their lockdown routines with us.

We see young TikTok influencers dominating that youth market. Referring that yes, TikTok is the future.

#5 Skipping the add

Gen Z has somewhat notoriously developed a tag of being an add –skipping a generation.

In fact, in comparison to Milleniams, they are actually much more receptive to ads than any generation before them.

They don’t want to see the ads that have nothing to do with them. Brands just need to think of smarter, more relevant ways of reaching them.

They also need to realize that the world is changing, young people are trying to keep up with these changes. So they must create adds that attracts interest by the young people because they are the future.

#6 Geo-Location is the new SEO

Geo has provided brands with the possibility to organically increase site traffic and/or revue.

Unfortunately, for channels like Instagram, it can be pretty useless. Recent trends provide a ‘lil ’ solution to this dilemma, and it’s funny to think that it’s been in front of us all in this time.

looking banging

More people will be using geological as SEO. Yep, by simply adding your location to your posts or stories, you’re making the algorithm show it – and it targets your content to people within that area or close surroundings.

That gives you an extremely, easy opportunity to organically attract more views to your profile. Yay to that.

#7 Get playful and interactive

How many times have you found yourself skipping through Insta stories, then stopping to answer someone’s random question? Yep, that t’s a form of interactive content, as minimal as it may be.

How cool is the questions that anyone can ask you on Instagram stories, and your followers that can vote yes or no if you asked a question?

looking banging

People all over the world get the chance to inspire others in different ways such as fitness. Sometimes make short videos of things that people want to see or share some tips with the people.

We will see more of things pop up, from polls to questions, to 360 videos on Facebook. It generates a connection and a sense of belonging.

#8 Gender fluidity

The traditional gender roles will soon be non-existent. There is an influx of products created to cater to all sexualities.

The rise of gender-neutral and fluid products presents a brand as extremely modern, relatable and socially conscious.

#9 The power of the micro-influencer

Ok yes, we’ve heard this term to death –but there’s a reason why it won’t go away; it works

It is a fact that influencers power will not decline in the near future.

Micro’s usually have high engagement and high brand loyalty, even if their follower’s count isn’t over 30-50,000.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

#10 Be human again

Gen Z is exhausted. 2020 is more about personalized content. Generic sucks and generic is certainly not unique.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020

Making your brand feel (and actually be) human. Not a faceless organization, but a brand that is run by good, relevant people. People who know how the brand looks, and who know the market for a specific brand will create a very interesting platform.

10 Youth Marketing Trends in 2020so keep a human focus at the core of your business and marketing. Give the people what they want to see because that is important to them and then Gen Z will eat your brand up.

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Jandri Coetzee
Jandri Coetzee


Jandri is an aspiring model and teacher. She believes that everyone has a story and that you need to make your own opportunities. Jandri is a proud member of the BLOSS Internship Program under mentorship of Trudi Stander.

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