10 Summer Holiday Wardrobe Must-Haves!

The end of the year has sneaked up on us and it is already time to start packing for the Christmas holidays! Deciding what to pack for the holidays is a challenge in itself. Don’t look any further because your 10 summer holiday wardrobe must-haves are right here, ready to be checked off of the packing list. We’ve made packing easy as well as determined where you can buy the new hot summer trends.

Written and compiled by Jean-Amé van Tonder


Polka-dotting around the streets has never looked so adorable and stylish. Add some flair to your wardrobe by including a polka dot dress that is ideal for both a hot summer’s beach day or even a date night out on the town.


Hats are essential to protect our skin from the sun, but it is also a fun way to add some flair to your outfit.


Denim has always been a staple in most wardrobes. Denim is fun to play with and can be incorporated into your wardrobe in any form, whether with a denim bucket hat or denim jacket, and will give you the ‘cool factor’.


Skirts are seen as versatile. For some with an athleisure style, a skirt can easily be paired with a statement t-shirt and sneakers.  For the more girly-girl, skirts can be paired with a blouse that has bubble sleeves and you would never look more stylish.


Who doesn’t adore shoes? Mules, loafers, sneakers, wedges, espadrilles and more! Shoes have never been so fun to style, and nowadays the outfit has to match the shoes, not the other way around.


When it’s cold outside and the wind is blowing there’s nothing like the right jacket that could save your life. From sweatshirts to blazers, jackets are crucial in a stylish wardrobe.


If you would like to make your outfit more stylish, jewellery is the way to go! Make a statement by pulling off these fun and flirty jewellery trends.


Bikini bods ready, it is time to show off what you’ve worked so hard pulling off the entire year. Show off your body in these fashionable swimwear items that consist of creative cutouts, ring-detail, straps, frills, one shoulder and underwire tie-dye.

Show-stopping sleeves

Let’s steal the show in these showstopping sleeved blouses or tops. It is fashionable, flirty, feminine, striking and 90s inspired.


When in doubt, bag it out! Bags have never been so fun and stylish. The most recent trend being mini purses, big enough to hold your lip ice. Fun-shaped bags is an easy way to not only look stylish and on-trend but also add some humour.

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